Why is the Celebrity Divorce Rate so High?

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Why is the Celebrity Divorce Rate so High?

They say all marriage knots are made in heaven, but celebrity marriages are made mostly by social media. Yes, a lot of celebrities are married even before they know that they have tied the knot. Thanks to the outsourced media which acts as a catalyst in both marriage and divorce of celebrities

India is a land of culture. Most persons have an outstanding flow of emotions in every aspect. So it is not quite oblivious that Indian marriages mostly arise from so-called love marriage tag. The same happens in the west. Hollywood even has an alarming figure of celebrity divorce more than India. Coming back to India there are numerous reasons to consider when the marriage is that of a celebrity. As the reasons are high of getting hitched so are the factors leading to a divorce.

SOLIDITY- Marriages, mostly of Indian celebrity do not rely on the fact of being stable. This merely reflects the honor, the character, respect each gets from the society. Since they are celebrities and they have an outstanding fan following -honor, respect regarding being stable matters a lot. So in the growth of time, the sole factor that makes possible marriage vanishes and they just get bound because of a contract. The contract in the course of time ends resulting in a divorce.

INFATUATION- Short lived passion accounts for most failed marriages. Mostly happening in the West, celebrities cling on short term relationships and tie a knot. They realize the bond is not so strong with a due course and that results in a divorce. Mostly an infatuation is always followed swiftly by lust, and lust has no space for a healthy marriage. When you are in a position to choose and meet many people, lust takes over and the fine line between relationship and trust breaks leading to a divorce.

A HECTIC LIFESTYLE- Celebrities are 24/7 working creatures. They have several things to endorse, act and perform and to add to it; they receive humongous funding. This makes their personal life a bit brittle. When a person spends most of his/her time on scheduled routine, it makes bonds weak. This practically is seen in A-Listed celebrities. Both Indian and Western celebrities have around the clock busy schedule. Making the time spent with loved ones negligible and leading to a dispute in court.

INFANTS- Celebrities hardly have time to make their schedule work, how can they buy time to give birth to infants. Since a family is incomplete without an infant, celebrity marriages hardly last. One or both the partners who are leading an exquisite lifestyle intend to drop the plan of having an infant. This leads to severe domestic problems in the latter period which gradually ends with a divorce. The infant also acts as a barrier between two individuals. Lack of an infant makes a stressed period of life worse.

NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY- This trait is defined as a disorder. Although thoroughly it does not affect a celebrity in course of time, he/she has an exceptional view regarding oneself. It comes with extreme selfishness and a magnificent view of self’s ability to perform. With this, people residing with the person get affected and it becomes extremely difficult to cope up with him/her. Gradually several instances occur when his/her spouse does not get the required love or attention everyone craves for. This leads to a soulful ending to the marriage.

REALITY After Marriage we all face the real outcome or circumstances of responsibility of life. Celebrities, on the other hand, seem to be less prepared for these responsibilities when it comes to acceptance. Because of the lavish lifestyles, they are into it becomes difficult for them to face the realities of marriage. They just put a happy tag on to the media referring their marriage is successful. But with the advancement of time, the media too realizes the idea behind such words.

The above reasons apply both for western as well as Indian celebrities. Interestingly Indian celebrities are getting through the divorce process in a quite stable way, Nonetheless, celebrities around the world are fighting numerous legal battles accounting for divorce. Maybe love isn’t that easy in the 21st century as it was previously or it might also mean the human species is evolving into the high-end spree of being an orgy.  Celebrity marriages are likely to end in a divorce.

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