What are effects of age gap?

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What are effects of age gap?

Love is blind and age is just a number. Maybe that is the reason why people in love just overlook the age factor. Sometimes a huge age gap of 13 to 15 years doesn't matter. But sometimes just 5 years age gap creates a lot of trouble. No doubt age gap has several ups and downs in the long run. Still many couples have overlooked the age factor and moved on living together. At times even couple due to religious and social pressure stay away from each other because of the age gap between them.

A gap of five years or more is considered normal in case of an older man and a younger woman. But an age gap of 11 or more creates a bit hurdle in the mindset of the society. Usually, it is accepted if the woman is younger than the man but vice versa is not much of a social norm. Still, there are various problems faced when an age gap is considered between individuals. Living in a generation where quick marriage and instant love are on the cards, people overlook the consequences faced when they get married to someone with a huge age gap, irrespective of the gender.

MATURITY ISSUES - Marrying a comparatively younger individual will create a lot of problems dealing with maturity. Since the younger individual has an age considered to be much less than that of the older one, understanding various aspects of life becomes tough. Nonetheless, people at times act way matured than their age, but it is quite predictable that a younger person lacks the experience and adulthood that is required to sustain a marriage. This even affects the older person's social circle. Since the latter person would be having a friend circle that is quite matured, the former one will find it difficult to cope up with them. Marriages fail drastically due to this factor considering the age gap.

MARRIAGE PROBLEMS - Often younger people have set goals in life before getting hitched. No doubt they would have made up their mind to relax and enjoy their life in that period. So when they suddenly get married to older individuals forcefully or willingly, they seem to get in trouble after marriage. Marriage requires a lot of responsibility. Be it managing a house, bills, rents or even taking care of children after a particular age. People don’t get used to these things suddenly. And considering a younger individual, he/she might feel trapped getting burdened by these responsibilities at an early age. Hence a lot of arguments take place in the early part of such marriages and gradually end in divorce.

SOCIETY - No doubt, how well and clean one’s intentions are on anything, the society always takes a dig at it. Considering the age gap factor, society has a lot to do when it comes to marriage. A person is always bounded by relatives, friends and social circle who constantly interfere in the personal life of the individual. When he/she gets married to a younger individual, the society always points out finger regarding the decision. No matter in due course it becomes quite impossible to tackle with the taunts and insults one gets through them. This leads to serious misunderstanding between the couple even though they chose the path willingly. As time passes the thread of their relation becomes weak resulting in disputes.

COMMUNICATION ISSUES - Age gap in a relation often leads to severe communication problems faced by the couple. At times the older person has various methods of a dealing situation which is not well perceived by the younger individual. These things gradually become worse as the time passes. No one gives it a thought during the initial stages of dating. Since dating involves only some hours in a day, spending every single day afterward creates a lot problem in due course. The household environment is dealt with a completely different set of rules and regulations. But making a younger individual propel to these linguistic conversations becomes quite a big problem. So couples face a lot of problem in the long run regarding communication.

LIFE SPAN - Marrying someone elder than you with a huge difference has negative aspects as life advances. The older individual might experience several health issues at a later part of life because of growing age. This creates a weak and unstable bond between the two as the younger individual starts to feel insecure. Living years together and suddenly having the thought to live alone affect psychologically to the person's mind. Dreams often get shattered due to this. And expectations remain unfulfilled. No one thinks of the later stages of life when they get married. Eventually, the elder one gets old and starts having problems which create a dispute among the individuals and the marriage doesn’t end on a happy note.

Love is not measured, not counted and obviously not something to deal with. It happens and people gradually develop bonds with their mate irrespective of age, height, color or other aspects. No doubt the above said problems arise with couples having an age gap, still marrying an elder individual is well tackled if both are compatible. Every problem can be solved provided there is a mutual respect for the individuals and a faith to restore among themselves. Together everything can be achieved, no doubt how vast the journey is and how less our life span is.

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