The psychology behind hiding real Age

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The psychology behind hiding real Age

There is a famous saying in the society that “Don’t ask any women about her age”. I don’t even understand why elder and wise people are saying like this. Ok, let’s come to the point. The real psychology behind hiding real age is unknown. What do you think? Is there any fixed psychological reason working behind this behavior of men or women? I don’t think so.

Some people hide their real age and express by lowering their real age when asked for it. Some people are saying about their age more than their actual age. The first category people are always women, while the second category always men. Why they are behaving like this yet to know the reason.

In general, women are very emotional creatures and always need love, affection, and care from others. Expressing themselves old will make obstacle in getting all these from others especially people who are younger than them. On the other hand, men always need respect, importance, and sense of responsibility from others. In our society, older and experienced person enjoy more respect. So these might be the psychology reason behind hiding the real age by both the case of men and women.What do you think? Is there any other factor or reason behind this behavior? 

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