9 Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks To Try Right Now

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9 Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks To Try Right Now

There are two types of girls in this world. The first kind takes hours primping herself in front of the mirror, curling her eyelashes and adjusting the wings on her eyeliner; the other kind is continuously hitting the snooze button on her alarm and has to be dragged out of bed; at times quite literally. If you fall into the latter category, these fashion beauty tips are just for you.

Dressing-Up is for Everyone

We lazy girls love our makeup just as much as a regular fashionista does, but there is something that we love even more, and that’s sleep. We can never forego our sleep for anything and at times managing to look good and getting the required amount of sleep is like juggling soccer balls. Despite all this, we sincerely believe that every girl deserves to look her best after all inner beauty is great, but a little mascara never hurt.

Basic Beauty Techniques for Everyone

Basic day makeup should be, well, basic, unless you are dressing up for prom. Waking up just in the nick of time and having a whole range of other things to do leaves very little time for makeup and if you aren’t a lot into dolling yourself up, then you will either put some lipstick and eyeliner haphazardly or keep aside make-up entirely. Well, we bring you to a middle ground here; makeup splashed on your face in a hurry is just as bad as overdoing. A few beauty tips and easy beauty hacks can work great magic, and they don’t need a lot of work or products. Who said you can’t look rocking while being low maintenance. We have got you covered!

Wear your Hair

Hair makes for a major component of your overall look, and it is important that you follow some basic hair beauty tips to groom those luscious tresses well. Just like DIY beauty tips for face, there are quite a few for the hair as well.

Add a little Volume 

Regularly shampooing your hair will just make them look dry and frail. No one likes thin and flat hair that just looks disastrous and take away the whole appeal from any outfit. Best would be to set your hair well after thoroughly blow drying them, but since we are, well, lazy, that’s out of the question. Here some great products and easy beauty hacks come to your rescue. Firstly, if you want volume and can’t afford to spend a lot of time on it, then get yourself a volumizing hair spray or mousse.

We recommend Extra Volume Styling Mousse by top brands, but it is your choice depending on the hair type and product of choice. Just a few squirts of the mousse on the roots of damp hair and a basic blow dry, that’s enough to infuse a new life in your hair. Another very essential and natural beauty tip for hair is making a few braids and just sleep on it, you can even divide your hair and twist them if perms are not your thing.

Groom your Nails 

Painted hand nails and toe nails look super pretty but maintaining them is a pain. So, if you want to completely forego putting on nail paints and yet want pretty nails just apply a coat of base coat, it will add shine to your nails and give them a perfect manicure look. If your manicure is growing out and looks odd and you don’t wish to remove the nail paint and reapply it, then just dab some glitter nail polish at the base. It will look pretty and completely cover your disappearing manicure. Another annoying aspect of nails is the long wait for the nail polish to dry, in case you are one of those that run out of patience then worry not and just dip your hand in cold water for a few minutes. The cold will speed up the drying time and help set the polish.

Make your Eyes Pop

A beautiful and fresh look can lift your day up, and just a dash of makeup will give your face a great glow. Eyeliner is a basic requirement of every makes up, but it is time-consuming if you are not steady with the brush. The beauty world is filled with quite a few liner looks that you can try and personally we feel that L'Oréal Paris eyeliner works wonders. Though if you are into the winged look but have little patience to get the brush strokes right and end up making a mess of yourself, then don’t fret. One simple beauty hack to get a good foolproof line is to use any card and make a straight line from the outer edge of the waterline upwards. You can use a liner pencil and smudge it out at the ends to get a smokey look without all the hassle.

If you wish to make your eyes pop then get yourself white eyeliner and apply it on the lower waterline, it also works wonders to camouflage that puffy, tired look you have after a long night. If you are too lazy to clean your makeup before sleeping, then keep cotton or wipes and some makeup remover near your bedside and wipe yourself clean before tucking in. Another must have product is a face mist; it will keep your face hydrated and fresh all day long. Mascara provides a finishing touch to the eyes, but the only problem is that mascara often clamps up easily and order to avoid that all you have to is add some toner to it.

Get Fuller Lips  

Fuller lips add to the beauty of a face, but unless you are naturally blessed with fuller lips, it is a hard job to get them right. Faking fuller lips takes a whole lot of work with applying a copious amount of lip liner and then filling in properly. All this is only bound to give you a headache, so a simple beauty hack to get the job done is applying light pencil in the center of your lip, this will accentuate the front part of your lips giving it a plump look. Also to make your lipstick day, apply a single coat and then dust some powder on it and then reapply another coat. This will ensure the lipstick stays.

The Face

If you are short of time to work much on your face then a concealer is your best buddy, just a dab of it on the under the eye and darker patches of the face is a great cover up. A good face powder is enough to give your face a distinct look, and it easily mixes with the skin and does not create a pancake look that looks way too much.

There are a lot of good face powders available in the market, and our personal favorite is MAC studio fix, it is very easy to apply and has coverage of 12 hours in any climate. It is the fastest and easiest way to give your face a good texture and creates a great base for make-up. In case you are not too fond of stacking up makeup products then we have easy beauty hacks where one product can be used for dual purpose. In case your face looks too pale, and you have neither the time nor the resources for proper application of rouge, a simple way is to just dab a bit of your regular lipstick on your cheeks, and you will get a rosy glow in no time. A glossy transparent lipstick also adds some shine to your lips if you are not in a mood for lipsticks and makes your face look brighter. You can easily carry one in your purse along with a good face scrubber, pencil liner and face powder. It is make-up on the go for a lazy girl.

Good Skin Care

There is nothing for beautiful than a healthy skin, and it forms the primary base of any make-up. Good face care routine is essential to have a healthy and glowing skin, but of course, it requires time and effort, something which some of us can’t afford. If you want good skin and really can’t afford to mix gallons of the household stuff and create paste and scrubbers or apply a dozen kinds of products on yourself; then worry not, there are easy and natural DIY beauty products and some you can take off the shelf that can help you get good skin. Get yourself a charcoal cleanser that easily removes dirt and blackheads from your face, it’s not just easy to apply but barely takes a few minutes to work wonders on the skin; MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ask Exfoliator, and Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser is our personal favorites.

Don’t let laziness come in the way of your beauty as looking good can be fairly easy and does not require giving up on your sleep or doing a lot of strenuous work to get the job done.

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