Has Twitter made everyone opinionated?

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Has Twitter made everyone opinionated?

As something starts trending on Twitter, everyone starts giving their opinions on it. This has been a common trend. People find it cool to post their opinions on Twitter. Whether it is about politics, Bollywood or cricket, people on Twitter don’t hesitate to share what they think about it. With the trending hashtag, they compose their tweets to share their opinions with their followers. So, yes, Twitter has definitely made everyone opinionated to a large extent.

When Saif and Kareena named their son Taimur Ali Khan after a few hours of his birth, #TaimurAliKhan started trending on Twitter. Everyone on Twitter started sharing their opinion on the name of Saif and Kareena’s baby boy. There was a large section of people who showed their resentment and anger on the name, saying that it was the name of a barbaric ruler. This is just one incident out of the thousands of such incidents that gives the picture that Twitter has made every single person hugely opinionated.

People also express their opinions on other social platforms such as Facebook and blog, but Twitter has made the process faster and easier. You can post 20 tweets stating your opinions on any trending news, which you cannot do on Facebook. Most of the times, the opinions shared on Twitter are not healthy or constructive. People try to belittle each other and get involved in fights. When every single person has an opinion and zero tolerance for other’s opinions, it spreads hatred.

Therefore, people should not misuse Twitter to spread hatred. Opinions should be posted in a healthy way.

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