How to do more effective post sharing (as a seo) in Google+?

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How to do more effective post sharing (as a seo) in Google+?

Google + is the strongest platform to blow our trumpet to popularize our brand and the products. This free to join wonderful social networking space offers extended facilities to improve the prominence of business brand, services and products.

When we compare the Google + with other social media sites with the perception of search results, visibility and ranking opportunities, it stands at the top. However, the ultimate gain depends on the quality of the content and the way of sharing and promoting.

Following five tips will help you to get the maximum SEO benefits by effective post sharing in Google+

1. To stand out in the existing posts for the similar topic, you need to power your post with a strong headline enriched with the prominent keyword. Google incorporates the headline into the title tag of shared post, that is why, headline appears in search results.

2. Accuracy smart formatting empowers the post to draw the attention of more viewers delivering an engaging visual impact. The accurate formatting helps the readers to find the information that they seek. Numbering, bullet points, bold, bolded italic are the more in using G+ formatting tools.

3. The relevant image makes the post more eye-catching, engaging, convincing and impressive. Readership statistics show that sharing an image is better than sharing a link, however, the images and photos should be original or you must have permission to use these.

4. Insert the links of events and videos in the post to make it more informative because the readers expect something new and interesting. Google study confirms that use of video adds more value to the post in terms of search results ranking and readership

5. Smart sharing is the most effective trick to get the high readership for a post. Most Google+ users set the exposure of the post as "public". However, you can trigger the notifications about the new posts by adding your circles and individuals to the sharing setting.

6. The takeaway: You must focus on the quality information, writing style, presentation, authority, authenticity and visual elements to do the effective post sharing in Google+ for SEO benefits.

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