How to update r4i sdhc dual core for 3ds V11.6.0-39 ?

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How to update r4i sdhc dual core for 3ds V11.6.0-39 ?

R4i sdhc dual core flashcart is another good flashcart released by r4 card is working great on the latest 3ds and dsi firmware. It has very good game compatibility, can play nearly all the ds games.Cheat feature and soft reset is also not a problem for this card.How to update r4i sdhc dual core for 3ds V11.6.0-39 ? After reading the article, you will find the answers.

What's the R4I dual core?

R4i SDHC Dual Core has nearly 100% game compatibility, you can play all the ds games with this card, the firmware of this card also updates quickly to support the new games and the future 3DS update. R4i SDHC Dual Core card is working great on all the ds consoles including DS lite, DSi, 3DS and 3DS XL, it is also working on the lastest DSi firmware V1.45 and 3DS latest firmware V11.5.0-38 .

Dual core

Flash memory, for program storage; CPU, game data processing.

Built-in operation

Support direct "copy", "paste", and "delete" of the TF card file in DS/NDSL/DSI/3DS.

 Cheat function

With enhanced ease of use, it's compatible with the mainstream DAT chat database format. Player enjoy more extensive documentary sources;meanwhile, support of the DAT file and inheritance of the R4 cheat exclusive real-time feature coexist.

Support multi-language

You can easily change the language within Dual-core. There are 15 languages in the firmware, which are Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, Spanish, German,etc.

Soft reset

Soft reset is a convenient function that no need to restart nds in game. The function can go back to mainmenu easily.

How to update r4i sdhc dual core for 3ds V11.6.0-39 ?

  1. Update the r4i sdhc dual core flash cart.At First, download the firmware and update patch from here: r4i sdhc dualcore official site
  2.  Download both of them, the upgrade firmware and the kernelAfter you download them, you will get two rar files, just extract them, and youwill get the folders.
  3. Click the folders and, you will see the update patch file and the r4i sdhc dualcore flash cart kernel files.Copy those three into the root of your sd card. then you sd card would havePut the sd card and the r4i sdhc dual core flash cart into the DS Lite console,power on
  4.  Just click the sd card icon and access the menu
  5.  Click the update patch file and start update process
  6.  Just wait until finish updating, you will see
  7.  As you can see, have updated the r4i sdhc dual core successfully. Justpower off the DS lite, and put the updated r4i sdhc dual core card into yourV4.5.0-10 or DSi V1,45 DSi. 
  8.  Enjoy the games.


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