Do You Really Need to “Eject” USB Drives?

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Do You Really Need to “Eject” USB Drives?

Is it open to eject the USB drive from the system? I usually just pull out the USB without really clicking on the Eject USB from the system. Will that harm the USB and the data that it withholds?

Why is it important to Eject USB drives before removing the device from the system tell us about it. Comment on the box below to share your opinions and views!

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There is a reason why USBs come with an "Eject" option, and how when you use it, the system tells you that its "safe to eject". It protects your files from getting corrupted. Especially if a file on the USB is open on the system, and you pull out the USB without closing the file, there are high chances that it can corrupt not only the file but the USB drive as well. 

The USB Drive must be ejected before removing it from your PC. This is done, in order to protect your files on the pen drive from getting corrupted. For example, when we copy a file on the pen drive, it possesses the details on the host computer, so it is easily readable, but when we use the same drive to read the copied information on some other computer, it might not read it. This happens because while disconnecting the pen drive, you may not have properly ejected it. Furthermore, while disconnecting you may not know; if the files are ready to use or not, or they still need some encrypted information from the host computer. So, next time when you want to eject a USB, be careful.

Unless the USB is not in use it is always a good idea to eject USB rather than to pull it out without clicking on eject USB. This way you will prevent any data from corrupting. 

In my experience, selecting safely eject USB makes no difference. It is more about a psychological thing for me. I don't think it has any effect on your PC if you eject USBs without selecting that.

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