Some of the Top USB Type-C Cables & Accessories

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Some of the Top USB Type-C Cables & Accessories

USB Type-C is supposed to be the latest standard connector used for both data and charging on phones, laptops, and tablets. Even though this robust port is still not available in all the devices universally, several prominent notebooks including Dell XPS 13, Apple MacBook Pro, HP Elitebook X 360, Asus ZenBook 3 Deluxe XP, and some other laptops are employing them successfully. Thanks to the Type-C board, now you could be copying files precisely at USB 3.1. You may alt mode for sending other kinds of data using Thunderbolt 3 or DisplayPort connections. USB Type-C was ultimately adopted by Microsoft on Surface Book 2, as such all vendors are supporting the new standard some way or the other.

You must understand that Type-C connector is used by practically all Thunderbolt 3 ports and these are compatible with the regular Type-C and relatively faster Thunderbolt 3 devices. Here are a number of USB Type-C accessories that would be helping you in going on using your previously used older USB-A peripherals, charging your devices, providing additional ports and taking advantage of the capability of the USB Type-C hub to effectively output 4K video.

WGGE USB-C to the USB-C Cable

WGGE is responsible for producing this nylon braided, tangle-free, 10-foot long USB-C to the USB-C cable at a price of only $10.99. You could be using it for charging USB-C devices and also, consider connecting docking stations and external hard drives. Moreover, if you are looking for something shorter, you can buy its 6.6-foot version that comes at $8.99 which is undoubtedly quite inexpensive. WGGE USB-C is known to provide a two-year warranty.

The Pluggable & Versatile UD-ULTCD (USB-C Triple Display Dock)

The pluggable UD-ULTCD is the right choice for early adopters requiring a dock. It is operational with the latest standards such as USB Type-C to charge and for supporting 4K monitors and external displays. Experts are, however, not happy with its being locked in a vertical orientation. But certainly, everybody appreciates its brilliant performance and also its support for all three displays simultaneously.

The Portable Samsung SSD T5

The brilliant & portable Samsung SSD T5 aims to replace the T3, its predecessor by offering amazing speeds that are much faster than T3 and it also comes in a much better design. This flaunts both a USB-C to USB 3.0 cable and also, a USB Type-C cable and you could be using it effectively with practically all laptops and numerous relatively newer Android smartphones. It is known for incredibly quick transmission speeds that may go up to 540 Mbps and this would be backing up your computer incredibly fat. You could opt for the dashing black or the electric blue. It is really tiny and is definitely smaller as compared to a credit card. It offers a three-year warranty.

Apple USB-C Power Adapter

It is true that the USB Type-C device comes with a charger. However, there is absolutely no harm in having some extras. You could consider buying a 30W Apple USB Type-C Power Adapter that is supposed to be a sleek and really compact option. The truly versatile Apple 30W USB‑C Power Adapter is known for providing efficient and superfast charging in your office, home, or even on the go. Even though the power adapter seems to be fully compatible with all USB-C- enabled devices, it has been recommended by Apple to pair it with preferably the 12-inch MacBook to ensure optimal charging performance. Alternatively, you may also consider pairing it with iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus, and select models of iPad Pro for making the most of the superfast charging capability.

Dell USB Type-C Adapter

The Dell USB Type-C adapter is truly amazing and versatile and could be doing the work of a number of adapters simply by letting you effectively attach to the relatively older USB accessories, plug into displays, and even get connected to the wired Internet using just a single compact adapter which is convenient to carry along with you wherever you go. It is regarded as the truly versatile ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of the USB Type-C accessories and attachments.


You are free to choose from the above-discussed some of the top USB Type-C cables & accessories. But it is best to choose as per your unique requirements and compatibility.

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