How to build a Google-Like Search Engine?

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How to build a Google-Like Search Engine?

I am a computer programmer and have been thinking about creating my own small search engine for quite some time now. Since Google is the most preferred and user-friendly search engine in the world today, I want to create something like that, with, of course, a few modifications of my own. However, I am having trouble in understanding how exactly do I go about developing it.

If you are a computer programmer, then perhaps you would have some idea about how do I make this thing happen. Tell me if that is possible and how do I develop this Google-like search engine.

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The search engine use automated programming application like spider, bots, Robots that go along web. The information which is stored by the spider is utilized to make the keywords or website is searchable in the search engine.

As Google is a standout amongst the most mainstream and most helpful Search Engine you can say that it is likewise realized that the interest of it in the business is additionally high, we all realize that it is another pattern to make a clone of famous sites and make great business from it. Search engine Script  from NCrypted is likewise a popular site clone. You can check here that why Google Clone is a most popular Search engine tool script on the world wide web.

A Search Engine Script is a program that finds the websites dependent upon your essential Keyword terms. The Google Clone script  takes your Search term and returns  (SERP) Search Engine Results Pages, with a list of websites it seems relevant or connected with your searched keyword. The goal for some websites is to show up in the first SERP for the most famous keywords related to the business. A website’s essential keyword ranking is extremely important on the grounds that the higher a website positions in the SERP, the more people will see it.

Start by building one on engines such as firefox

You need to build a web crawler first then an indexer and as you go along you will learn more about it. 

That needs a lot of research. I have no idea.

I have no clue, man!!

Sorry, no idea. 

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