Al Maya – The Best Whole Distributor In Saudi Arabia

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Al Maya – The Best Whole Distributor In Saudi Arabia

Before knowing about Al Maya distribution one should know who wholesale distributors are. These are the companies that make contact with both the product manufacturer and the retailer thus acting as a mediator of the two. This connection is necessary for a business. The wholesale distributor company such as the Al Maya Distribution will owns a warehouse used for the storage of the manufacturer’s products.

The same company will also own a distribution centre which will be put to use for the sole purpose of dispersal of those manufacturer’s products to the market via the retailer. The retailer will now buy the products of the manufacturer from the whole distributor and then sell it to the buyers.

A wholesale distribution company also has the liberty to sell the products directly to the customers without the intervention of the retailer. But more than often the customers receive the products from the retailer and not the wholesale distributor directly paying more. Al Maya Distribution, as mentioned earlier is one such company and in fact it is one of the largest distribution companies UAE has seen. It is responsible for stalwart companies like - Horlicks, Cadbury, MTR, Real, Simba, Silver Swan, Vina Milk, Beacon, Renuka, Gowardhan, Minara, Aeroplane, etc.

Al Maya is partnered with each of them and it has successfully satisfied all its partners. Al Maya is mainly focussed on distribution in the Middle East. It is also one of the big names among the distribution companies Dubai has ever heard. The company owns a warehouse which has an area of a whopping one million square feet. The company ranks among the largest logistics and distribution facilities in the GCC.

Al Maya Distribution is efficient, diligent and hard working. The company supplies products of the abovementioned brands to some of the biggest supermarket chains in the Middle East. The company knows how to go with the flow. And thus, with the changing world and changing business tactics and aspects, the company too evolves. It upgrades its infrastructure and incorporates the latest technology in order for the supply chain management to be impeccable.

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