5 Reasons Why Every Founder Must Imbibe The Quality Of Self-Criticism

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5 Reasons Why Every Founder Must Imbibe The Quality Of Self-Criticism


Being self-critical is a double-edged sword, negative self-criticism can create a lot of self-doubts whereas constructive criticism can help you eliminate the possibility of making mistakes and give in your best work. 

Being an entrepreneur means a lot is riding on your shoulder, each of your decision strengthens the foundation of your company. Most people in high positions often find it hard to criticize themselves and being surrounded by yes-man all around means no one objectively looks at their mistakes. This culminates in the entrepreneur becoming overconfident, and that’s disastrous for the growth of the company.

Explore the reasons why entrepreneur must imbibe the quality of self-criticism to ensure personal growth and discipline:

#1.You Are Your Best Judge

The adage is true for every entrepreneur. A creative idea-inducing mind that sustains its business on the structure of his thought may sometimes lag behind in creating or implementing strategies. No outsider can point out your mistakes better than you. Blame shifting might seem an easy way out, but it won’t help you for long. 

As difficult as it is to battle the inner demon of self- criticism, it will help you realize where you are lagging and also assist you in making better decisions.

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#2. It Is Empowering

People can only hold your mistakes against you only if you do not accept them. Once you have accepted that everyone including you is prone to making mistakes, then no one can make you feel bad about it. It would give you a new self-confidence where you would analyze yourself and your work from a new perspective. 

A new company will have its share of ups and down and to understand where you went wrong would help you in avoiding those mistakes in the future. Instead of shrugging off your mistakes or weakness, accept them and work on them, this would make you a great leader in the future.

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#3. Better Boost To Business

Over-confidence could be detrimental to your business. A leader or founder who does not self-analyze will overestimate the success of his or her company, fail to ascertain how well the competitors are doing and not take competition too seriously. They would also in all likelihood not go beyond their limits to work on an idea by eliminating possibilities of error. Such an entrepreneur who is way too sure of his skills and resources would hamper the growth of his business. 

Being honest about your strength as well as your weakness is imperative for a founder to lay a foundation that is solid and financially stable. Your decision-making powers also improve when you assess your abilities well.

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#4. Makes You Humane

Any founder or for that matter a well-established entrepreneur should never underestimate the importance of a healthy employer-employee relationship. Being self-critical is not just a quality of an influential entrepreneur but is also a mark of a good man. 

Focusing on changeable behavior helps you in ascertaining where you went wrong with making decisions but also how it affects those who work for you. As you work on yourself, your relationship with others as well as the dynamics of the workplace changes; this in the future would make you a likable and humane boss in the future.

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#5. Creates More Self-Awareness

The likes of Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs did not achieve success by being under prepared. They had to think things through and analyze where they lacked to create products and services that made waves in the market. Being a founder who is self-critical means you are open to the views of others and see a larger picture of things. Being self-aware comes from a real understanding of yourself, and it’s a mark of a great leader in the making. 

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Do you feel the same way about self - criticism or do you think it can have an adverse implication on the business? Do share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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