Importance of house journals for corporate world

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Importance of house journals for corporate world

A House Journal is a publication published by corporate, public sector undertakings, organizations, associations, institutions, and government departments in order to highlight their products, achievements, accomplishments, events, perceptions, and future endeavors.

House Journals are not meant for sale and hence they do not have a price tag. 

Although most House Journals are meant for the internal public, some of them are distributed among the external public who are related with identical work/industry/sector, catering to the similar type of work or products.

Pompously speaking it is a drum beating for companies but on a moderate line, it serves s a bridge between the management and staff or between two companies, to showcase the objective and work done by them, their projects in the pipeline, and what social cause or purpose it is serving, in addition to its normal day-to-day business.

It also helps the staff or employees to get united wherever they are.

Institutions or organizations who feel the necessity of House Journals and are affluent enough to afford such journals allocate hefty sums for their publication in their annual budget.

The method of publication of House Journals is also very simple, either there is a separate cell within the organization, comprising of professions mostly from the field of print media/public relations or any professional publication house, advertising agency, or public relation firm is hired to run the publication on a contractual basis.

Employees who have exceptionally phenomenal writing skills also contribute to House Journals.

Other sources of news materials can also be the market review of products, books related to the subject of the products, their background, and laws and norms that apply to that particular sector.

Editing in such journals need not be as fussy or flawless as in newspapers or magazines. The aim or objective of such journals is to publicize or display the work of companies in a liberal or lighthearted manner.

However, it is necessary to print correct information for the sake of goodwill of the company.

Matters selected for publication by the editor-in-charge should strictly abide by the policy and principle of the institutions. They should not contain anything that might raise legal hassles for the organization in future.

The language and style should be simple and lucid, and articles should be free from plagiarism and obscenity with a noble purpose.

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