What are the best Online Games that let you Make your own Character?

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What are the best Online Games that let you Make your own Character?

Perhaps the best thing about MMORPGs or massively multiplayer online role playing game is the player customization option. These games give you the freedom to bring your imagination to life and create a character that defines you the best.

Though many may choose to pick the default character, others yearn to create one of their own. Bringing one of life is perhaps more captivating for some even more than the game. Do you like to make your own characters in a game? Then here is a list of some games with the best character customization systems.

#1. Saints Row 4

Besides for its wide range of clothing, voice and body size options, Saints Row 4 comes with many more customization options, such as sliders for top-of-forehead, sex appeal, age and pretty much everything else. Another feature that gamers love about it the most is that rather than donning the best armor, it allows you to choose your own clothing. You can even pick the race of your character, Asian, Black, White or Latina.

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#2. Dragon’s Dogma Online

When it comes to body types, Dragon’s Dogma Online is arguably among the best video games offering a player customization option out there. From height and weight to age and musculature, everything you can think of can be varied in this game. In addition to that, you can also micromanage the facial features of your character to create an entirely unique look.

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#3. Final Fantasy XIV

In Final Fantasy XIV, you start by choosing one of eight humanoid fantasy races and can also pick from nine classes that have three starting city-states. The color selection and the variety of hairstyles available are among its highlights. Moreover, you can also pick from 12 voices. Another thing that works in its favor is that there are no clippings and the character creator module is pretty fun to use.

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#4. Black Desert Online

Ask anybody who they think is the best game that allows you to make your own character, and the most of them would say “Black Desert Online”. There is no part of your character that you cannot manipulate or alter in this game, from the shine of the skin, wrinkles and hair color to contact lens style, eye color, and hair length. As long as you are not going for a very specific look, this is an amazing game (https://askopinion.com/how-to-play-ps3-games-on-ps4).

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#5. Perfect World

You may be surprised to see Perfect World on our list, but despite the fact that it was launched almost a year ago, it still offers a character customization option that is better than what most of the latest games offer. What some would say is the best thing out it is that you can realize your wildest imagination and create absurd characters. We say you give its customization option a try once and see for yourself how amazing it is.

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#6. Eve Online

Though there is not much need of customizing the character in Eve Online since you do not even get to see your avatar that much, it does not keep players from delving into every tiny little detail of their character’s appearance and spend hours on it. Rather than sliders, it allows you to pick the feature of your choice and drag it down to your character. It is often considered among the best games that let you make your own character.

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(Image Courtesy: Eve Online)

#7. Dragon Age: Inquisition

While some might say that the character customization option in Dragon Age: Inquisition does not offer much ethnic diversity, it is still among the best ones out there today. You can find sliders for every facial feature. While designing just the nose of the character, you can pick the right nostril length, the width of the bridge, size of its tip, size of the bridge and much more. How’s that for customization?!

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So, which game do you think has the best character customization option? Tell us through your comments and do not forget to vote in the poll below.

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Final Fantasy XIV

My hot favorite is Final Fantasy XIV since the game stands out not with just character creation, but also with its several other aspects like game play and graphics. Can't get enough of it. 

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