Is 'Pokemon Go' already dying?

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Is 'Pokemon Go' already dying?

Whatever the situation may be today, but in reality, Pokémon Go has brought a huge revolution in the world of gaming. People had gone mad about the game and this brought a bad news for all the other gaming companies. But now according to the latest reports, people are already losing interest in the game and hence Pokémon Go id already dying. Just after the launch of Pokémon Go, there was something different for the people and this became the reason for the record- breaking the performance of the game. Soon, the number of users using Pokémon Go became 25 million on 14th of July. The investors of various social media were tensed as people started spending less time on the apps and more into the game. People found the game so interesting because walking is good for health and the game forced them to walk and be fit.

Why Pokémon go is dying?

The way numbers of users were increasing day by day, there was no surprise if Pokémon Go would have dominated all other apps including the social media apps and all other games? But, within a month, the number of active users decreased from 45 Million to 30 Million. A number of time people used to spend on the game also reduced to a very large extent. The very first reason for this decline is that before the launch of the game, it was advertised a lot and so people had hoped to get all the features which were being told. But the reality is that many features are still missing and there are a lot of bugs which spoils the fun of the game.

The second reason we can say is that up to now, there is nothing so excited about the game that has been changed in the form of new development. Unlike other games, people have not got any new update that increases their joy of playing. Soon, people started losing interest and hence this is the main cause of the decline. People may have expected the game to rule over all the smartphones for very long, but the sad truth is different. Day by day, the numbers of users are falling and Pikachu may have started weeping till now. Normally we say, god only can save anyone but in this case, we need to say an update only can save the game.

Pokémon go was an effective way to bring the gaming world into the real world. The idea was fantastic, but they forgot that this world is really dangerous. The roads, highways, forests and bodies are water is not safe. It is not safe to roam around with all your attention in your phone as it can lead to any miss happening.


From all the reviews of the users, we can come to a conclusion that right now, Pokémon go is not good as a game, but it can be better with updates which were earlier promised to the public. The game has to live up to the expectations of the people and must come out with everything shown in the advertisements and trailers. The game has brought a revolution in the lives of the people. It has forced people to come out of their homes and explore the areas around them. It is really fantastic that people came out of their comfort zone and roam around to discover and explore. This is the plus point of the game and it really feels bad while listening to the news that people have started losing interest in the game. The company really needs to buck up fast and come out with new adventures in the form of updates. I Hope Pikachu will soon be happy and find more and more friends.

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