Why Lillie is so popular in Pokémon?

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Why Lillie is so popular in Pokémon?

Why is Pokémon so popular?

Pokemon is an extremely popular brand not only in the US or Japan, but worldwide as well. The pocket monsters have been featured in several games through the years, and most of them have been successes. The Pokemon franchise also has a popular anime series, collecting cards and other products. And what’s even better for them, the franchise’s main consumers are also the same people who are likely to own a smartphone and use it for gaming.

The model of using the phone’s GPS is a rising trend in modern apps, that has proven its success many times. Tinder revolutionized the world of dating apps by showing only profiles of nearby users. Yik Yak and Whisper are both popular apps that are based on users only seeing content around them. This model has been tried in mobile games as well, but none of them has yet managed to become “mainstream”. This leads us to the next point…

Nintendo’s decision to co-develop the game with Niantic, Inc.Nintendo is known for developing their games mostly in-house, so this was by no means an obvious decision. Niantic is know for creating the mobile game Ingress, which works quite similarly to Pokemon GO. In Ingress you capture portals, in Pokemon go… well, Pokemon. Since Niantic has gained a lot of data from the players of Ingress, and they already have a lot of experience from making an augmented-reality mobile game (including the technology to “build” the world by recognizing buildings and landmarks, which was partly outsourced to the players of Ingress.), they made a perfect partner to Nintendo.

Also, the business model of Nintendo has been avoiding in-app purchases and DLC, as well as developing games to their own consoles. Had the game been released on Nintendo 3DS, or had it costed money to download instead of offering in-app purchases, it probably wouldn’t have attracted such a huge following. After all, the most profitable mobile games make money through selling game currency or other micro-purchases. Especially the Finnish company Supercell is known for using this model in their games, such as Clash of Clans.Finally, Pokemon GO offers one thing most games don’t: exercise! When playing the game, you are literally forced to go out and take a walk, because that’s where the Pokemon lurk. This of course gives health benefits and makes the gameplay even better by giving the player a relaxing walk as well. This might become a problem in the winter in cold areas, though.

Why is Lillie so popular in Pokémon?

I’m excited to see where she is and what’s she’s done and how much she has grown in strength and ability next time we see her, hoping there is a sequel. But I do have my biases.

But I mean, she’s cute, people have seen her since before the game was releases, she is by far one of the most prominent characters we have seen.

Even if she starts off painfully unable to do much. It helps foster what it is I think a lot of people like most about her, aside from being, well, a cute girl who everyone has known about for months.

She has lots of character develop. She’s a big important protagonist with a lot of focus, a lot of time dedicated to her personality, a lot of time spent with her, and lots of more character development than most characters in Pokemon games get.

She’s different in that she’s not originally a trainer, and she’s pretty relatable for people.Her relationship issues with her mom doesn’t seem terribly forced, and she responds to it in a believable way. She helps out on our journey and makes a really fun companion who we get to miss dearly by the end of it all.

And she’s wise and helps you, the players, in many situations. Many other characters do, but she’s a nice recurring character who helped me with with matters large and on the smaller side. She seems like a dependable familiar face. A strong, cool girl who doesn’t mince her words.

Lillie is great, I don’t want to go back to games like Red and Blue without lots of character development, she’s still one of my top 5 favorite gen7 characters and I really miss her, it would be a crime to not see how she has grown in another game. Like, I want to see Lillie again, more than anything I keep feeling in the post-game right now is how much I miss Lillie.

Things just aren’t the same without Lillie around. The whole time I’m playing the post-game I keep feeling like “there’s just got to be this mission around the corner I can unlock and go on a journey through Kanto with her. She’s a great enough character that the whole post-game feels incomplete without her. It’s like this constant nagging thing.

Clearly she is a good character if she is this popular and has also made me feel this way about her in relation to the post-game despite her not being my favorite character.

She’s a cool no-nonsense girl who speaks her mind. And has a sense of wisdom about her. She’s a cool, confident, responsible girl, and I like that.

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