Selling Entire Naruto collection due to lack of interest, or keeping it for sentimental reasons?

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So here's the skinny; I have all 72 Naruto manga, the first and second season of the original series, a couple special editions of Naruto (like a quiz book, an animated book, what Naruto was before Masashi rewrote them), some plushies, and things like that. I used to be really into Naruto in high school- I loved it so much, read a whole bunch of manga and fanfiction. I mean, Naruto was my world. I can't accurately talk about it enough, that's how much it meant to me.

Then college came. The manga kept being published, but I was so busy with school work that I stopped reading around volume 30 or 40 something? Then I got into other, non-manga fandoms. Though I still hold some manga series near and dear to my heart and re-read them, I'm mostly out of the manga and anime game. And of course, I know how Naruto ended through friends and accidental manga spoilers online (I mean, we all saw it coming), and then Boruto began. I kind of flipped through parts of the Boruto manga, and wasn't impressed. Then, since I knew how Naruto ended anyway, I kind of flipped through the last couple manga to see what there was to see, and wasn't all that interested.

I was surprised to realize recently that Naruto doesn't really mean anything to me anymore. There's nothing really there. There's still some lingering sentimentality, of course, but... nothing. I'm just so sad to realize this, that Naruto just doesn't mean anything to me and doesn't hold my interest. :( 13-18 year old me would never have believed this.

I recently did a huge purge of my manga, and ended up getting rid of many of them. Now I'm wondering if I should sell off my Naruto collection. I might keep a little memento, but that would be it. I think I'd like to read through the series before I do it, just to be sure.

What do you guys think? Keep it out of sentimentality, or get rid of it? Have any of you ever sold anything that was once precious to you, and regretted it?

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