How to Install and Play Pokemon Go in India

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How to Install and Play Pokemon Go in India

For every 90s kid, Pokémon played a very important part in their childhood. Every kid came back from school and sat mesmerized in front of their TV sets, watching Ash attempt to catch all the Pokémon and become a master. Pokémon was discussed in school hallways and its knowledge openly discussed on playing grounds.

That’s why when Niantic released Pokémon Go, an augmented reality game based on the popular TV show, every 90s kid was super excited. Pokémon Go with its location-based augmented reality gives every player the opportunity actually to catch Pokémon in the real world. But, Alas! Pokémon Go has only been released in a select few countries and India isn’t one of them, but you can still play in India in a few easy steps.

How To Install Pokémon Go?

For Android:

If you have an Android phone, the procedure is quite simple. Firstly, go to security in your settings and turn on the permission to allow installation of apps from a third party.

Next, go to the Pokémon go APK web page and download the APK file. Once, downloaded, install the APK file and you are good to go!

For IOS:

If you have an Apple phone, it is a little bit trickier. You need first to make your device believe you are in a different geographical location.

Firstly, log out of your Apple ID. Select location as the US or the UK. Create a new apple id with new email address. Select the payment information as none and go ahead and put any random US or UK address. Once, you create a new ID, simply go to the app store and download the game.

Once, you have successfully downloaded the game; it is time to get out and start hunting. Sign up using your Google account or create a brand new Pokémon trainer account, create a username, select your avatar. You can customize the gender, clothes, hair color etc, and you are ready to get started. You can now see a glorified and animated version of Google maps of your area. You can see Poké stops, gyms, routes and Pokémon. When a wild Pokémon appears, your phone vibrates. You now have to tap on it and use swipe your Poké Ball towards it to catch it.

Five Crucial Steps To Remember When Getting started on Pokémon Go:

Step 1: Choosing Your Initial Pokémon

When you first step into the arena, you get to choose between three start-up Pokémon - Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle. Though, if you have special love for Pikachu, you just need to keep walking away from them till a Pikachu appears. Then, select the Pikachu and you have started the game with a Pikachu just like Ash.

Step 2: Finding Pokémon

You can find Pokémon by actually walking around in your area. The bottom right corner of your screen displays all the Pokémon that are in your area. When a wild Pokémon appears, and disadvantages of pokemon go, your phone shall vibrate, alerting you to its presence. Tap on it and your phone’s camera shall automatically be activated, creating an augmented reality, with the Pokémon showing in your real location. Spot it and throw a Poké Ball towards it. Hold on the Poké Ball and a ring shall appear over the Pokémon. Release the poke ball when the ring is smallest. Aim it well and you shall catch it. As you progress in the game, you will encounter Pokémon that is more powerful. It will be much difficult to catch them and you will need razz berries (available at Poké stops) to calm them.

Step 3: Getting Replenishments from Poké Stops

A Poké stop is denoted by tall blue towers on the map. When you are in its range, it turns into a blue disc that is spinning. Once you swipe it, it gives you free replenishments and turns purple. You can re-visit every Poké stop after 10 minutes. It is essential to stop at every Poké stop to replenish your Poké Balls and collect other cool stuff like incense(once activated, it attracts wild Pokémon to you for 30 minutes), eggs ( you hatch them by walking and it gives you new Pokémon), more Poké Balls ( so you can keep catching), potions for reviving Pokémon, lure model etc.

Step 4: Hatching Eggs

One of the coolest things you will collect from a Poké Stop is eggs. You can the place this egg in an incubator. Below each egg, the number of kilometers is written. That is the distance you will have to walk for the egg to hatch. Though, it won’t work if you are in a vehicle or driving. You need to be traveling at maximum 3-4km/hour. Though, the traffic on Indian roads is amazing to trick the game into thinking you are walking. Once the egg hatches, it gives you a brand new Pokémon.

Step 5: Choosing a Team and Fighting in a Gym

Once you reach level 5, you get to pick a team (Red- Valour, blue-Mystique and Yellow-Instinct). Look around your area and select a team that is more dominant so you get maximum practice before going to actual fights. (Choose Valour!). At this time, it is almost impossible to find a free gym i.e. one that isn’t claimed by any team. So, instead go to a friendly gym, i.e., a gym owned by your team. Fight practice matches there and earns experience. Once you are confident enough, venture out into the wild and try to claim gyms owned by other teams by defeating their Pokémon. Once you claim a gym, you can leave your Pokémon there to defend it. You get a defender’s bonus every time your Pokémon successfully defends your gym.

Some Other Tricks you should know about Pokémon Go:

1.    More than one player can catch the same Pokémon and place it in their collections. No need to fight over that.

2.    A Lure model is available at Poke Stops. Once you place the lure model in a poke stop, it attracts wild Pokémon to that Poké stop.

3.    Catch every Pokémon you encounter. Transfer the extra Pokémon to the professor in exchange for candies. You can then use these candies to power up and evolve your Pokémon.

4.    When you activate Incense, wild Pokémon is automatically drawn towards you. It is best you keep moving in crowded areas like stations, malls, etc. to catch more Pokémon.

5.    The more you move around, catch Pokémon, fight at gyms and hatch eggs, the more experience you will gain to level up.

6.    Do not evolve your Pokémon till Level 10 as then you will catch more powerful Pokémon that in turn can evolve into much more powerful Pokémon.

7.    You will find water Pokémon near water bodies or when it’s raining. Grass Pokémon near grassy areas etc.

8.    Walk around with a portable battery because your battery is going to get drained out super fast.

9.    There is a lot more to the game. Keep playing, keep exploring and you will learn much more.

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