Are Expensive Workout Clothes Really Worth It?

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Are Expensive Workout Clothes Really Worth It?

As the trend proposes, athleisure is here to stay since 2016 and the actresses don't miss a moment to flaunt their airport on-fleek #OOTD in workout attire. With veteran designers like Dior, Gucci and Chanel also foraying into the athleisure segment alongwith celebrities like Rihanna, Sonam Kapoor and such launching their workout collection, it is a surefire. But do you really think expensive workout clothes are worth splurging on?

Afterall, you got to break a sweat and the weird obsession isn't gonna make you look any prettier while losing that bulging fat. What do you think? Is athleisure really a waste of money or is it fair to look fashionable at all times? Let us know what you feel using the dialog box below.

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Answers (3)

Not at all. You need not wear expensive clothes to shed those extra kilos. 

This is a personal choice. if someone wants to look stylish all the time they can.

Yes, NO, and Maybe

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