Did Chainsmokers really ask Indians for Song Requests?

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Did Chainsmokers really ask Indians for Song Requests?

Did you attend the Chainsmokers gig in India? If yes, then you must have witnessed the band's constant request to suggest songs! While many appreciated the band's open invitation to suggest songs, others took to the micro-blogging site to troll the 'Closer' song makers. 

I felt the request was a mere attempt at increasing interactivity with the audience, but seems like others had a different meaning to the request. What do you think would be the intention behind asking song requests? Is it worth trolling the hit makers?

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Yes, Chainsmokers asked the Indian Audience for the song request. The concert was amazing and worth attending. Many of my friends have attended this and they really enjoyed it. One of them also got their requested song played. They enjoyed thoroughly and were also kind of upset when they saw the gigs on the post which asked for song requests. This act wasn’t acceptable according to me and my friends.

They may have or they might not, depends on the audience completely whether they asked or not. Every artist takes precautions while performing in Delhi. But, whatever the truth is, I'm unaware of that. I saved some money by staying at home :)

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