Hacking of Twitter handles

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Hacking of Twitter handles

In the past few months, the Twitter accounts of Mark Zuckerberg, Rahul Gandhi, and scores of other prominent personalities have been hacked.

Interestingly it is the lead from one particular website which most hackers use to break into Twitter accounts of people.

The website LeakedSource.com is a compilation of database for available hacks of various usernames, email addresses and passwords. The amount of information on this website can be realized from the fact that it has information on 360 million MySpace accounts which was leaked in 2016 and that of 117 million of LinkedIn accounts from the year 2012.

The hacker’s job becomes pretty easy when they get access to this information. The hackers only need some information as an email address or a similar looking username from any of the old site which might have been hacked in the past.

Once the hacker has access to that email or password, they will scan this username through the site LeakedSource.com and will pay the website for getting access to full results on this site. The hacker will then get access to the real username and password which can then be used for hacking the Twitter handler.

This is the precise technique which hackers have employed in the recent past and have been successful with the results.

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