Twitter Rolling Out A New Look For Its Applications

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Twitter Rolling Out A New Look For Its Applications

Twitter, keeping in mind the ideas and feedback from its opinionated user base, announces an official update making the platform easier, lighter as well as faster. This is somewhat an overall superficial redesigning. And inevitably, Twitter, currently available for Android and iOS users, has started to receive a flow of complaints of disappointments.

There's an outbreak of people getting testy and vocal about the changes that seem very normal - circular profile pictures, new menu style, bolder headlines and different fonts.  

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The changes are across all of their platforms - Twitter for Android, Twitter for iOS, along with TweetDeck, and for Twitter Lite.

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So let's give you a glimpse into what has changed:

• The reply arrow has been swapped with a speech bubble.

• The like, reply along with retweet counts now in real time go up in front of your eyes.

• Web pages on iOS will open in Safari browser rather than Twitter's individual web viewer.

• There's a side navigation (menu) panel with fewer tabs at the bottom contributing to a lesser clutter and easier browsing.

• Typography is majorly redefined.

• Bolder headlines are added to better focus on what’s happening. 

• Circular profile pictures are another adopted change by Twitter.

But one can still not edit the tweets, cannot download the gifs and neither has the character limit increased. A majority of users seem to care less for the redesign and criticize about no focus on the technological aspect. Issues regarding GIF and videos not opening up on certain devices, tools for resisting harassment and/ or spam, lack of editing the misspelled or inaccurate tweets etc are still not addressed.

Changes would be introduced to all the accounts at Twitter and its platforms over the coming days and weeks. According to Twitter, the redesign will be swifter and straightforward.

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Of course redesigning helps!

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