Accounts being suspended by twitter

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Accounts being suspended by twitter

Accounts suspension’ is the new highlight of the Twitter presently in news. The hype in media claims that Twitter unknowingly suspended accounts of more than two lakh people suspecting violent threats, racism and promotion of terrorist activity.

Twitter announced that the world has the world has already witnessed enough terror attacks across the globe and it won’t contribute to any further which is why they were eliminating the promotion by the suspension of accounts. Twitter in the past had been reported as the major platform for the ISIS terrorist to promote their activities and find their recruits.

If sources are to be believed, news two days ago claimed Twitter to announced two lakh thirty-five thousand account suspensions on the grounds of racist and terrorist activities. But in the course of action, a major number of public is displeased and blamed Twitter for eviction of many genuine accounts. They further felt that it was not justified on twitter’s behalf to put genuine accounts on suspension.

The course of action is justified as Twitter clearly mentions under their clause ‘about suspended accounts’ that it will maintain a safe environment for its users and might suspend accounts that shall violate “Twitter rules”. It further clearly mentions that in doing so some genuine accounts might get deleted, but those can be ‘unsuspended’ by their help after filing an appeal. According to ‘twitter rules’ the accounts that fell prey to this methodology are accounted under the categories of spamming, risk in security, abusive tweets or misbehavior.

So the next time you log-in to Twitter, make sure to go through the Twitter rules just to avoid another suspension.

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Yes, but after some warning

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