How Would The World Be Without Social Media?

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How Would The World Be Without Social Media?

There was a time when friends and family time was cherishable. But now everyone's more concerned with stalking over social media platforms. If we talk on a global level, social media has revolutionized the way we communicate both personally and professionally. 

It might have been streamlined, and we cannot go even a day without it, but that's how it is! Reality might seem beneficial, but there are two sides of each coin which cannot be ignored.

#1. Improved Communication

DM, message, chat, text, email - there are a plethora of options, but the time is less to explore the options. Social media has allowed us to communicate better, faster and more as compared to earlier. There arises a vast difference in the way we interact via virtual world and in reality! How would communication be without social media? Maybe, a little lost, lesser socialization and diminishing.

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#2. Greater Access

Want to get in touch with a distant family member? Search for them over several social media platforms! Want to stay on top of all your relations? Connect with them on social media! Want to get in touch with acquaintances casually? Make use of social media! That's the beauty and power. But do you realize where to draw the line? Do you know when the time to take a break is? Instant network reviewing is possible, but somewhere it's also gone haywire.

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#3. Provision For B2C Reach

Recruitments, marketing, customer service, shopping deals, airline support, organizational disputes and more - How do you think any of the related information could reach the customers if there were no social media? Even the Pope is socially active on Twitter! If social media platforms weren't have been invented, businesses would have had a hard time persuading/ convincing the potential/ existing audience.

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#4. Displaying Life Through Photographs

What's the use of having a 20MP camera phone when you couldn't share any pictures with your friends on Facebook? What's the use of creating a marvelous portfolio when you couldn't share it with potential clients through Flickr? Would a platform like 500px exist? How would you double tap pictures and who would you send follow requests to? 

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#5. No Constant Comparisons

Without social media, you get no reason to compare yourself to the life of others. You just get to focus on the important things and concentrate on your achievements or struggles. There are lesser tensions when you aren't concerned with the likes, shares, retweets, embarrassing pictures (if any), others gaining more popularity and more such things.

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#6. Socializing in reality

You find yourself getting socially equipped in real life. Virtuality gets off your plate. It even betters your actual communication skills. Imagine when you have to talk with your mouth and not through fingers (via texting).

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#7. Personal Space

You don't have to worry about getting stalked all the time. No one's there to invade your "me" time. You can easily cut off contact with people you dislike. All you do is relax, read a book, hang out with friends and give a damn to how your life gets portrayed over the social platforms.

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The world without social media would be a person without a name. Metaphorically speaking, it is more like the ancient times are knocking the door of modern times. During old times, we didn’t have any knowledge about what is happening on the other side of the world. However, with the advent of social media, we are gaining knowledge about our friend's activities without really interacting with them. Leading on to believe that the world sans social media would be earth without air. We have advanced ourselves so much that without social media we will break the backbone of millions of things happening on this earth. We will have no access to what the celebrities are doing, what is happening to our friend or promote our start-ups. It is unimaginable to have the world devoid of social media!

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