Who Unfollowed you on Twitter?

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Who Unfollowed you on Twitter?
How do you feel when somebody unfollows you on Twitter? Not a good feeling, right? Twitter is an online platform that is a more of an online community than a standardized social network. A unique aspect of it is that it transforms somebody into a celebrity in no time and then makes them see the stark reality once again by letting people unfollow them. 

The microblogging site's 'follow/unfollow' method sometimes makes people lose their sanity. Also, it has multiple celebrity imposters keeping an eye on you! So beware! It is, therefore, mandatory to know ‘why has someone unfollowed you on twitter’ and ‘who unfollowed you on twitter?’ Although the new Twitter update has made it even more confusing, that's not going to make the users not turn up on the site.

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Let us look at some apps which could help in identifying people who unfollowed you:

#1. Statusbrew Mobile App

It is a free app which can be downloaded from PlayStore (Android) and App Store(IOS). You can use Statusbrew to watch one account for free, more than one account will require you to spend some money. Open the app>>Sign up there>>later, log in with your twitter account> then tap authorize app> go through the tutorial if you are a new user. then click on X, and it will be direct you to the dashboard and voila! You can now check your unfollowers by tapping on 'new unfollowers.'

#2. WhoUnfollowedMe

You will need your browser to use it for free or else if you have more than 75,000 followers then you will need to pay. Sign in using your twitter details and then click on authorize app if you aren't connected to twitter yet. Then click on the 'unfollowers list' on the top.

#3. TwittaQuitta

You can use the website and receive a daily email consisting the names of people who unfollowed you. The sign-up process is same like the above internet sites. But do not forget to sign up properly.

#4 Zebraboss 

You’ll have to set up Zebraboss through a web browser. Zebraboss will send you an email on a daily basis showing a list of users who’ve unfollowed you. 

It is pretty normal if three to four people unfollow you regularly but a question arises in our mind if half of your followers leave. What could be the reasons for their departure?

There are certain reasons to look at to know why people unfollow:

#1. You haven’t been active for more than a month.

#2. Some followers are attention seeking type. They ask for a follow back. In case you don’t follow, they unfollow you.

#3. You’ve turned into a serial follower.

#4. You have a habit of tweeting the same content over and again which gets monotonous.

#5.  You don’t hold the habit to interact with your followers much.

#6.  You have made your timeline a promotional platform. And, nobody wishes to attain junk on their home feed.

#7. You are a twitter addict and update every hour even about worthless topics.

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What To Do With Accounts That Unfollowed You?

#1. Ask them why they unfollowed you

#2. Don’t think much if it’s a stranger

#3. Expand your good experience on the website rather than aiming to increase your followers.

#4. If the person who unfollowed you had chances to be your client then try to get them back again. Change your twitter techniques, alter the technique of using the website and also make your timeline more interesting to grab their attention. Also, use relevant tags wherever required to attract more people to your profile. You could use tags like #FridayFlash or #ThrowbackThursday to make it easy for people to search your profile.#5. However, don’t run your twitter experience ever!

#5. Never let your twitter experience get compromised!

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