Forget Facebook, Here Are 7 More Amazing Social Networking Sites

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Forget Facebook, Here Are 7 More Amazing Social Networking Sites

The first site that comes to your mind when you hear social networking sites is Facebook. With millions registered with the website, it has become the latest trend to stay connected with your friends and family. Users create their profile to connect and reconnect with their new and old friends. 

Now imagine if Facebook or Instagram did not exist, would you be on another social networking site? While some may respond with affirmation, other's remain clueless about the other social networking sites that are available in the market.

To remove your doubts, explore the list of social networking sites other than Facebook and Instagram where you can create your profile and experience the new features these sites have to offer.

#1. Tsu

Just like Facebook, Tsu allows its users to register, create a personal profile, befriend other users, exchange messages; post status updates and upload photos. Users will also receive notifications from other users. The only difference is the ownership that Tsu offers to its users on their content in monetary terms. Unlike other social sites which earn from your content, Tsu gives the users full rights and profits.

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#2. InterNations

This site was created for developing connections between the Expats and their friends and families. It has a user base spread across 190 countries that make it easy for the expats or refugees to stay connected and even make new friends and exchange information. As a matter of fact, they can plan events and activities to encourage socializing as well. 

InterNations will also help those who live abroad to connect with their families and friends. The site offers important information in the form of articles or events related to places to visit, service offers or reviews, which may be of help to the users. 

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Muut is another platform to chat with your friends and family. Instead of making WhatsApp or Facebook groups, go Muut. 

Muut is a forum oriented site which lets you create your online community. You can add your friends, families or business officials to discuss or share information or just to have a fun chat. It gives you a choice to share your opinions in public or keep them personal. You get to use all its features in the free version and can also upgrade for more facilities.

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#4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is amongst the most popular sites these days. It focuses on creating professional sites. It helps the professionals to connect with other people of similar interests and choices. It also helps the aspirants to connect with potential employers and vice versa. Users can apply for jobs through LinkedIn by creating their profile, describing their professional qualifications. The site has over 170 million registered spread over 190 countries.

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#5. Google+

Google+ is the latest addition to the social networking sites. The site is currently loaded with web related content and is dominated by celebs and famous personalities. The users can create their web identity followed by adding their friends and following them. You can organize your friends into different groups like family, friends or office. It reduces confusion and increases efficiency.

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#6. Friendster

Friendster is a popular site that focusses on promoting connections amongst people of Asian countries. Originally the site aimed at social networking but later installed it with a wide range of games and rewards. It has now shifted its focus on gaming from social networking. But if you are a gamer, you must visit this site!

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#7. MeetMe

MeetMe is another social networking site that lets its users connect with new people and reunite with old friends. Initially, the website was named 'MyYearbook' and aimed at letting its users connect with old pals; later it changed its name and its vision. One can try this site to form new connections and get over the clichéd sites.

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Do you have any other social networking site in your mind? Let us know about it in the comment section below.

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