Whatsapp is planning to launch multiple sharing contacts at once

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Whatsapp is planning to launch multiple sharing contacts at once

A new feature that will enable you to send multiple contacts at one go is being tested by WhatsApp. Users are now only able to send one contact at any time but this is going to change soon. This feature is now available in WhatsApp for Android beta version but is expected to be rolled out for everyone soon.

This feature has been seen in WhatsApp beta for Android versions 2.17.122 or 2.17.123 and through this feature; users can now send multiple contact details or email details directly. With the launch of this feature, the need for performing multiple actions to send two or three contacts to the same user will be a thing of the past.

If however, you are sending information to multiple users like before you will have to stick to the traditional method of sending the information individually only. However, when you wish to send this information to a single user, the update will prove to be of great help. There is also no restriction on the number of contacts, you can send to that single user.

Though it might take some time for this feature to show up if you wish to try it now sign up for beta tester at Google Play. You will have to wait a while for this feature to show up on Android or iOS though.

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No, the new version of Whats app was better in comparision with the new one...in the new version we can not update our status like the old version...

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