WhatsApp received or restore all image back

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WhatsApp received or restore all image back

Can you suggest, How to  received or restore all image back in WhatsApp

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Dear Reader,

Thank you for posting the query here. On browsing through the net, looking for solutions to your query, we came across a plethora of solutions that can be tried to retrieve all the information and images, incase it got deleted from the app. Here are some that may help you:

For Android Users

#1. Method:

One of the easiest methods to re-install all the lost data is by uninstalling the app. When you uninstall the app and re-install it, it goes back to the last backup that was stored in the software and voila, all the information is restored. This is possible if the backup was taken in the recent past. If you have not taken any backup, there is some bad news in store for you.

#2. Method:

 If the technique mentioned above does not work, you can always resort to other means. Although the process may be a little complicated and those who find technology to bit a little confusing may find it hard to comprehend, but that’s the last way to try to get all the information back. In the Android file manager app, go to “Internal Storage/WhatsApp/Databases.” Remove the backup file that you want to restore from “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12” to “msgstore.db.crypt12”. Then, uninstall the app and download it once again. It will restore all the data you require.

FOR iPhone Users

If you own an iPhone, then here’s what you need to do:

#1. Method:

You need to seek help from external software such as Dr. Fone – Recover (iOS). Download the app on your personal computer and run the extension to install the app. Once it is installed, connect your phone to the computer and try to retrieve information through iCloud or iTunes. For Itunes, select the backup that has the Whatsapp photos and install it from there after signing in to your apple account. For iCloud, log into your iCloud id and select the WhatsApp backup file that you wish to retrieve and download it to select the images and preview the files you wish to restore.

#2. Method:


Incase the above said mentioned method is not easy to execute; you can always follow an alternate method to restore lost Whatsapp data and information. Go to “Internal Storage/WhatsApp/Databases” and select the ‘net.whatsapp.WhatsApp/Documents/ChatStorage.sqlite’ file from the options available. Once the file is found, click on 'select SQLite' File and choose the backup file. After selecting it, click on 'I Accept' and then launch the scan. Once the scan is over, click on the required tab to restore all the data.

Once the data is restored, enjoy browsing through the lost information and be happy!

We hope the information provided above was useful and will help you retrieve all the data and the images that you accidentally deleted from Whatsapp. Keep posting your queries here!

Thanking You,

Team Askopinion

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I encountered the same problem a while back when my entire whatsapp was wiped away. Luckily, I had enabled the auto back-up option and did not lose much of the data when I deleted the app and re-installed it again on the device. If you haven’t enabled that option, you can download the app ‘DigDeep’ from Android playstore for Image recovery. It’s a tool that searches for deleted images, not just from whatsapp but all the other folders of the phone, and recover them for you. Another option to get your data back is ‘FonePaw’, an app available on Playstore that helps you recover all the lost messages and images from the device. Follow the instructions as mentioned in the tutorial and you will all the things that you accidentally deleted from the device. Both the apps flaunt good reviews on the web store and are effective in retrieving the information and the media files.

I faced this problem some time back when I bymistakly deleted the photos from my Whataspp and got
paranoid as to how will I recover the lost data. After browsing through the net for several solutions, I
came across two handy solutions that worked fairly well for me. The first method was easy and user
friendly. It relied entirely on auto backup. All I had to do was delete my whatsapp and re-install it to
restore the old setting and recover all the data that I thought I’d lost. And it worked! I recovered all the
information till the last backup. However, I did lose out on some recent data as it wasn’t stored yet. But
something is better than nothing!
If this doesn’t work, then there is another way to ensure your data is not overwritten. It involves the
downloading of app. Obviously, the app depends on the kind of phone you have. So, if you have an
Android, you should download ‘Android Photo Recovery’ and incase you are an iPhone user, download
the app ‘dr.fone- Recover’. Since the apps require installation, follow the instructions to successfully
register with the app and then browse through it to recover the data. For iPhone users, this is going to be
an easy way to recover as all you need to do it connect your phone to the PC and tick on ‘Whatsapp &
attachments’ and click on ‘Start Scan’. It will bring up all the data and you can restore from the same.
Now, for Android users, the process can be a little cumbersome as it involves several steps. After
downloading the app suggested above, connect your device to the PC and enable de-bugging of your
phone. After which, you need to select data type to scan. Once the scan is complete, select the option
related to Whatsapp and recover the data that you lost.  
Here’s a suggestion for someone who is not technologically advanced to carry out the above operations,
put your phone on auto back-up and relieve yourself from the worry of the losing data. It is really
important to store the photos, videos and information in an alternate space to ensure you don’t lose any
important data.

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