11 Mind Blowing Facts About Whatsapp That You Had No idea About

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11 Mind Blowing Facts About Whatsapp That You Had No idea About

The whole point about carrying a Smartphone is not limited to making calls but to be able to install numerous applications on your phone. Any android or windows phone that you see would feature at least a dozen applications that the user brings into use in his daily life. 

There is though one particular application that has slipped into our phones and our lives so seamlessly that we can’t imagine a day without it and it is not Facebook or Twitter but Whatsapp. 

We can go a day without the former ones but not without the latter. We have grown so accustomed to Whatsapp that it has become part and parcel of our lives. Our morning and night routines include checking our Whatsapp for any messages. But are you aware of some bizarre and exciting facts about the messaging app?

Explore the crazy facts about WhatsApp:

#1. Brian Acton and Jan Koum are the co-founders of Whatsapp and had worked at Yahoo for 20 years. That’s where they got the idea of their application!

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(Image Courtesy: Insights Success)

#2. What is more interesting about the co-founders is that they both were denied a job on Facebook and Twitter. Before his stint at Yahoo, Koum cleaned floors to support his mother.

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(Image Courtesy: Business Insider)

#3. Whatsapp has 450 million numbers of active users monthly and 320 million active users worldwide. The co-founders didn’t spend any money to make their application go viral, yet it spread like wildfire giving stiff competition to even Facebook and Twitter which are part of a billion dollar industry.

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#4. Whatsapp is still completely devoid of any advertisements. One reason it is so widely preferred by users is that they can interact with each other without any troublesome ads getting in the way.

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(Image Courtesy: Whatsapp)

#5. Just a team of four people that includes Brian Acton worked together to make Whatsapp cross 1Billion downloads on Android.

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(Image Courtesy: Whatsapp)

#6. In February 2014, Facebook acquired Whatsapp for $19 billion. This staggering amount turned Brian Acton and Jan Koum into billionaires.

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(Image Courtesy: Kapersky Lab)

#7. The application is so widely used that it made a new record in April 2014. Within the time frame of 24 hours, the users of Whatsapp had sent 20 billion messages and received 44 billion messages. The reasons why received messages were greater in number was because they were sent in groups.

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(Image Courtesy: The Journal)

#8. Whatsapp does not keep any database for any customer. Each client has a queue that contains messages that have not yet been received, once those messages are received, they are forever deleted from the server of the application.

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(Image Courtesy: Wired)

#9. For a long time, the team of Whatsapp was only limited to four men and one supervisor who handled the team. The amazing team worked diligently and quite efficiently to make the application a complete success until it reached the download limit of more than 1 billion.

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#10. Whatsapp has always thrived on simplicity. While other offices of social network sites are humongous with large, spacious and beautifully decorated offices that reflect the yearly turnovers of the companies, the offices of Whatsapp at Mountain View does not even have a hoarding. The logic behind this is that all of 55 people that work at the place are well capable of finding their office without a hoarding.

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#11. The name ‘Whatsapp’ comes from the old familiar greeting 'What’s up' which denotes the beginning of a conversation. The app in the end very simply stands for the term application.

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Are there any facts about your favorite application that you would like to share. Do leave us your views using the comment box below.

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