9 WhatsApp Hacks You Must Know To Stay Safe

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9 WhatsApp Hacks You Must Know To Stay Safe

Ever thought that your favorite messaging application could be subject to a hacking? Well, to your surprise, Whatsapp hacking is no rocket science. With the smart and easy-to-use hacking tools, Whatsapp hacking has become easier than ever. While it is important to protect your data, learning a few hacking tricks can be fun. Here is a list of some tricks to hack Whatsapp and some tips to protect your account:-  

Tricks to Hack Whatsapp:-

#1. mSpy- What makes this tool unique is that it works spectacularly well with Android as well as iPhones which have software restrictions. To use this hacking tool, you need to buy it from the mSpy website. With mSpy, you can monitor and block the calls, open multi- media files, read messages from all IM applications like Skype and Whatsapp. You can even keep a track of internet usage.

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#2. FlexiSPY- Another one of the hacking tools, FlexiSPY goes beyond the regular Whatsapp hacking. It gets devious by providing you an access to live calls. With this tool, you can have access to passwords, location, IMs, multimedia files and what not. One of the most advanced hacking tools in the market, FlexiSPY is a pro at removing all the traces of its presence. You can easily download and install the app from the FlexiSPY website.

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#3. Highster Mobile- An easy-to-use hacking app, Highster Mobile has some shrewd tendencies. It can even direct you to the deleted messages. With this app, you can view all the texts, IMs, call log, e-mail, browser history and more. You can simply use this app by downloading and installing it from their website and getting a license thereafter.

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#4. Whatsapp Web- Yes, it can be a very well hacking tool if the hacker has access to your phone. All that needs to be doing is scanning the QR code into the desktop and easily operate the account. Moreover, with new applications in town hacking with Whatsapp web does not require a desktop. You can get the similar results on your phone now.

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(Image Courtesy: Redmond.Pie)

Tips to protect your Whatsapp from hacking:-

#1. Wifi- If you have a habit of connecting to any public wifi network that you find, stop already. It becomes ten times easier for hackers to do their job when you are using your application on a less secured wifi connection.

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#2. IMEI- Keeping your IMEI number private is a must. Do not give your phone to any random stranger who, for instance, claims to have been fascinated by your phone. One can easily get the IMEI number by just dialing *#06# and hacking becomes a piece of cake.

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#3. Erase data- Make sure that you keep erasing all the important and private data from your Whatsapp messenger. You can use effective tools like Dr. Fone to erase your messages permanently in order to avoid the intrusion of clever applications into your deleted messages.

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#4. Lock the messenger- Whatsapp does not offer an inbuilt locking feature. However, you can download apps which can get you to lock your Whatsapp with password or PIN and make it inaccessible for the hacking tools.

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#5. Block installation from unknown sources- In order to avoid a hacking tool installation on your device, you need to block installation from unknown sources. To do this, you need to go to settings and then device security.

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We would love to hear from you on your Whatsapp hacking experiences. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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