A Brief Detailing Social Networking

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A Brief Detailing Social Networking

The Social Networking

Decades belonging, the test, concept, lifestyle and the global scenario is developing! The living sense of each and every person is facing a huge change. As, if today we talk about 7 years or even a 5 years back concept and those perspectives, then it seem to be very old to us. So there is a huge change going on in our society, it’s high time. These days, for the new generation, several things have become pretty easy, useful & entertaining to go through. If we talk about that time, when the World Wide Web or the concept of the internet got launched for the civilian interface, it was a big day on creating a new milestone in the invention world! After getting several successes on the internet, in 2004 Facebook came, and approached the whole generation to feel a new edge. "A true & absolute concept of social networking, which was Facebook!" We know that before Facebook, Orkut was also a big name in the social networking platform, but the milestone, what Facebook achieved, that typically hard to reach for any other website for sure. Now days, this social networking sites, are throbbing the world, and the generation, very deeply!


Today Facebook have a 1.59 billion of users, and WhatsApp which just get launched at the recent year 2009, having a 1 billion of users. Now such records really prove that social networking activities are in the huge craze!

But, before taking these Social Networking activities so seriously, people are not focusing and even forgetting that what they are gaining & losing!!! It must be said very prominently that, yes, every matter/activity has its own positive points, as well as negative aspects. But today, let’s talk about the positive effects of social networking. 


Today, getting depressed by thinking that you can’t be able to meet your brother who is going to Australia in the next week, and you will still be in India as usual, and talking by phone, OHHH!!! That will charge a huge cost!!! Such kinds of tensions are gone today, and another helping hand for this regard is social networking. Chatting, sharing, seeing, and even listening to each other is an ease in such platforms. After that, users can also have video calling like we do with Skype, G-Talk and etc. Social networking made it a small world. It also makes you be smartening, like by developing your knowledge, giving you a proper grip over the world, and sometimes by also polishing your point of view.

In Social Networking sites, there are opportunities like creating groups, pages where you can share your intense knowledge, creativity, thinking, and even products with millions, even billions of people. This is truly awesome because this is difficult to create such an interface for your own, but social networking is a platform where you getting it made already.

Sitting in your room with a laptop, getting all the information of your friends, neighbors, worldwide news & whatever the rest of the people you know living in India or any other country, is just a matter of click in here.

According to my research, this is genuinely confirmed that people between the age of 18-35, are the ultimate subscribers of Facebook. While we recheck this fact for Whatsapp & Twitter, this is totally different. You can see that Whatsapp have not a special ratio of age, people of 17 years to 60 years, all uses Whatsapp, and many of the people have made it efficient for their professional purposes as well. In terms of Twitter, the ratio is more flexible! You can observe it doesn’t follow age; because we have 15 to 80 age of celebrities out there! And if I talk about the civilian interface of Twitter, then this is completely facing a mature age orientation.


Besides, this is also a point that day by day the user interface and the activeness on Social Networking sites are increasing. So, taking 18-35 year’s users as a majority, in future we may also get subscribers from the rests of identities.

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