What are some Good Names for Beauty/Makeup Stores?

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What are some Good Names for Beauty/Makeup Stores?

What name best befits a beauty or a makeup store? Should it be related to cosmetics, beauty products or some term in a different language to denote makeup? Well, it would not be advisable to name your store 'Maybelline' or 'MAC' since they are the leading brands in the industry, but quirky names like 'Rouge' or 'Glam-Slam' could appeal to the masses. Do you think so?

What would you name your beauty store if you ever had to open it in the future? Share the suggestions by commenting on the box below! We would love to hear from you.

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Answers (3)

What's in a name?

These are a few names that I found interesting:

Maryah – beautiful woman (in Arabic)

Adara - beauty ( in Arabic)

Calme – tranquility (in French)

Nadira - Health, happiness (of Islamic origin)

Anabella – an Italian name


Bliss Spa 

Royal Pallette

Stillness Salon

Think of something that best suits your personality and work ethic. Remember that the name of your company has a major say about your intentions and overall customer satisfaction. 

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