Aliens mystery

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Aliens mystery

We’ve watched movies, we’ve read books, we’ve attributed their presence to certain occurrences, we’ve even imagined and discussed about them with our friends - do aliens really exist?

What is the proof of their existence?

How do they look?

Where do aliens live?

Do they hold supernatural powers?

Have aliens ever contacted humans?

Is it possible to communicate with them?

Have aliens ever graced earth?

What lies beneath the stars?

Is there a parallel universe?

The very mention of ‘aliens’ sets our thoughts and imagination running. Let’s blow the dust off certain documented theories.

Scientists and researchers firmly believe in their existence, that we’re not alone.

In 2015, NASA administrator quoted that he believed in other forms of life, other forms of life that may or may not be present in our solar system. But there are thousands of planets outside of our solar system that present a high likelihood of their existence. According to him, NASA hopes to trace their presence in this universe soon enough.

A notable astronomer named Frank Drake assumes the calculation of other planets and their ability to support the alien life and thinks they’re in existence. He also believes that the sole reason aliens have not initiated contact with humans is because of something based on the “zoo theory”. Zoo theory implies that aliens, on the contrary, are preventing us from initiating contact as they do not want to intercept our natural development as a species.

There are some more validating theories that have evolved over time which leads most scientists to affirmatively deduce their existence.

Astronauts have confirmed their sightings

In 1965, astronauts Ed White and James McDivitt noticed a metallic object from their spacecraft which resembled a UFO. Similarly in 1969, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong did notice UFOs too as per unconfirmed resources.

    • Near-collision of commercial airlines

    • Near-collision stories of commercial airlines with flying saucers are countless. From delta-shaped objects to rugby ball shaped flying objects have been witnessed and reported. 

    • Stories of human encounters 

  • Stories of human encounters are also in abundance. One of the more widespread ones is that of Robert Taylor who noticed a spacecraft (with changing colours) in front of him in a forest in 1979.

  • NASA concealing information

  • In spite of reporting multiple UFO sightings on the moon, NASA has not gone on record with this information. This in itself is an indicator.

  • Ancient Egyptian paintings

  • Archaeologists have discovered images of helicopters, submarines, UFOs from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs that are dated more than 3000 years ago. Basis a theory, it is believed that ancient Egyptians have communicated with aliens from another planet.

  • Meteorites 

  • In 2011, fossils of aliens were found inside meteorites that hit Earth. Laboratory tests even asserted that the fossils did not contain Earth-based organisms.

  • Battle of Los Angeles 

  • Post the WWII, a total blackout was ordered in which extraterrestrial spacecrafts have been speculated to participate.

  • The sheer size of the Universe 

  • The sheer vastness of the universe makes researchers question the very possibility of life outside of our Earth. Astronomers believe there are more than sixty billion planets in this Universe and it is not easy to rule out the existence of life forms.

Alien life on Earth has also been associated with the closely guarded Area 51. Top debunkers haven’t been able to crack the code on this base yet. Area 51 is a remote facility of the US Air Force which is based out of Nevada and located near Groom Lake. While the purpose of the base is unknown, conspiracy theorists have strongly linked it relating to the affairs concerning the UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

A new theory has also linked alien life presence on Mars. NASA is hot in pursuit and efforts are underway to send astronauts for validation and further exploration.

Mysterious radio signals have been getting tracked at various occasions in time by multiple governing authorities speculating the presence of aliens but there hasn’t been enough evidence to go on record with it.

The curiosity and mystery of life beyond the stars may linger around for a long time until a landmark discovery is made or a firm contact is established.

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