If Aliens Come To Earth, Will They Be Hostile Or Friendly?

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If Aliens Come To Earth, Will They Be Hostile Or Friendly?

If aliens are out there, would they be friendly voyagers or destroyers of worlds? This question has been doing rounds for the longest time now. 

It is no longer confined to scientific discussions but has become a global phenomenon with so many movies taking over the topic.

Whereas Physicist like Stephen Hawking is not convinced with the foreign invasion, other researchers are quite positive about it. Give the article a read to know more about what other people think about it.

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Stephen Hawking, a world renowned physicist, lately helped in the launching of a new program named the Breakthrough Listen Initiative to look for signs of intelligent alien life in the cosmos. Contrary to his participation in the program, Hawking feels that this alien civilization may prove to be fatal for the humans.

He has used public forums to talk about his fears related to the destruction of humanity by the intelligent alien civilization. And for an advanced civilization like the aliens suggest, wiping off humanity won’t be much of a task for them.

Hawking talks about the inadequate knowledge that we possess about aliens. He marks out the historical events where the less intelligent organisms or the civilizations with primitive technologies have suffered fatal loss. And considering the advancement of the alien civilizations, Stephen fears the vast destruction of human kind by the hands of aliens.

He believes that if aliens discovered Earth, they are likely to conquer and colonize our planet. He compares their visit on earth to Columbus’ landing in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans. He stated that by contacting the aliens, we are all playing a dangerous game!

However, while on the one hand, where Hawking is against advancing contact with the alien world, other scientists are hailing their attention. In lieu of this excitement, a second initiative named, Breakthrough Message, has also been announced. This initiative will host a competition to make suggestions about the content of messages which should be sent from humans to these alien and intelligent beings.

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Backing up the curiosity of other scientists than Hawking, Jill Tarter, co-founder and former director of the Seti Institute argues that any aliens who have accomplished their traveling across the universe will be cultured enough to be friendly and peaceful. She believes that to survive for such a long period along with population control does require some great revolutionary trends. And the alien civilization would be much interested in cooperating with other cultures to solve global level problems instead of wanting slaves or food or other planets. She is also assured about human civilization becoming kinder with the evolutions, discouraging warfare.

Dr. Boyd Bushman, another scientist, made some extraordinary claims in his last ever interview and showed some pictures of what he believed were aliens. He talked about their studies according to which these aliens are divided into two groups. One group is Wranglers, and the others are Rustlers – the stealers of cattle. His study claims that the Wranglers are much friendlier, and have a better relationship with them. He also alleged that the extra-terrestrials are telepathic mind readers and that they can use their voice by telepathy to talk to other people.

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Ann Druyan, co-founder, and CEO of Cosmos Studios, also favored communicating with the intelligent alien civilization. She too was a part of the panel and will be working on the Breakthrough Message initiative. She expressed her positive hopes about the nature of the extra-terrestrials and the future of humanity. She expects the aliens to be not only technologically advanced but also to be much more aware of the value and paucity of life in the cosmos.

Where all the other scientists sound quite firm about their theories, Lucianne Walkowicz, an astrophysicist at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, is not perfectly sure about the outcomes. She feels that communicating with the aliens could be harmful or beneficial; one cannot tell. They might end humanity to take over the planet or maybe provide help in accelerating the quality of life on Earth She is not positive about her choice.

Not just the scientists and researchers but the creative minds have been working their theories on aliens too. Alien movies have been the trend of the pop culture cinema of the 20’s. With a bag full of alien movies, cinema too has different theories when it comes to foreign invasion on the planet Earth.

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Mars Attacks (1996), Super 8 (2011), Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978), Predator (1987), The War of the Worlds (1953); are few of the most favorite alien movies, characterizing the aliens as destructive and violent. They are depicted as enormous giants with extra ordinary strength and super advanced technologies more than enough to destroy the entire humanity. Humans, when come in contact with these monsters, looks like tiny helpless ants which will be put to an end in some fraction seconds. The aliens are portrayed as heartless beasts that feed on human blood and ardently look forward to their complete destruction.

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On the other hand movies like; E.T. the Extra-terrestrial (1982), Earth to Echo (2014) and Batteries Not Included (1987), depict alien as friendly and super cute creatures. They are harmless and are extremely loveable. The size may be small or big, but the helplessness is the same. Most of such aliens are lost on Earth and are homesick. They end up being found by some kids or good adults. These creatures are technologically advanced and use their powers to help the humans they live with.

Both the scientists and the movie writers have been debating about the outcomes of such an intervention but have not been able to figure out a certain decision.

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They Will Be Super Friendly
I had to vote in the poll to comment but I, or for that matter, none of us can say if aliens would be hostile or friendly!! there must be more than one intelligent species in the universe. while some of them would probably be friendly, others might be hostile!!

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