7 Infamous, Deadliest Criminals Proving They Were Not Born Sinner

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7 Infamous, Deadliest Criminals Proving They Were Not Born Sinner

Crime is not something that is inherent in an individual. Though we all have been well acquainted with the idea that nobody is born a criminal, we have at the same time learned to type cast the criminals. There is no denying the fact that one or the other external/social factor is involved in becoming of a criminal. 

Poverty has been attributed popularly to draw people into the world of crime, as it appears to be the most readily available survival technique. The survival techniques gradually magnify from petty offenses to grave and heinous crimes. An alternative theory, however, suggests that social factors are a mere catalyst to trigger the criminal thought process.

Here is a list of some famous serial killers and their back stories

#1. Charles Manson- Charles Manson was associated with several murders, including the murder of an actress, Sharon Tate. Manson was born in Ohio, to a 16-year-old prostitute. He was sent to the boys’ school soon and was later abandoned by her mother. He started with petty offenses while he was living on the streets. The probation reports described his psychological state as suffering from a "marked degree of rejection, instability and psychic trauma" and "constantly striving for status and securing some kind of love."

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#2. Richard Speck- Speck had murdered eight student nurses residing in Chicago in the year 1966. Seventh, among the eight siblings, Speck was born into an ardently religious family. After his father’s death, Speck’s mother remarried. However, the siblings became subject to the abuse by their stepfather. It was after this phase of childhood that Richard Speck began with the petty crimes.

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#3. Ted Bundy- Associated with over thirty murders, Ted Bundy was executed in the year 1989. Bundy was an illegitimate child who was later passed on to a home for unwed mothers. Though he was brought back by his mother, Bundy was raised as his grandparent’s adopted child. His criminal side started surfacing during his childhood years when he began stealing fearlessly and developed a fetish for peeping into the windows of other people.

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#4. Aileen Wuornos- Found guilty of six murders, Wuornos was a sex worker. She had her story depicted in numerous books and documentaries. Wuornos’ father killed himself when she was a child. She was later abandoned by her mother, leaving her to be raised by her grandparents. During the time she lived with her grandparents, Wuornos underwent sexual abuse at the hands of her grandfather. She got pregnant during her early teens and was later driven out of the home into the woods. She was executed in the year 2002.

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#5. Jerome Brudos- Brudos, a necrophile, was associated with the murder of four women in Oregan. Popularly known as the “shoe fetish killer”, Brudos has troubled relations with his mother during his childhood. It was at the age of five that he cultivated a fetish for shoes after coming across a pair of high heeled shoes. His fetishes gradually turned violent. It was reported that, at the age of 17, he threatened a woman, using a knife, to take her clothes off.

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#6. Richard Ramirez- An infamous serial killer, Richard Ramirez, was connected with around thirteen murders in a span of two years. Ramirez was largely influenced by his cousin, during his childhood. His cousin had returned from the Vietnam War and narrated the horrendous story of mutilation and torture to Ramirez. The stories left an indelible mark on young Richard’s psyche. Under his cousin’s influence, he even developed a reverence for Satan.

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#7. Myra Hindley- An English serial killer, Hindley grew up in Manchester, with her grandparents. In partnership with her boyfriend, Hindley carried out murder and rape of several children. Hindley left school at the age of fifteen after a close male friend of hers had died. She had developed an insane reverence for her boyfriend, who had been in prison previously.

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They Are Made By Their Own Environment

Criminals are made in the environment they are grown in, nature/nurture. They also, like any human, learn from the people in their lives who have a direct impact. Their criminal tendencies may stem from a traumatic experience in their childhood or potentially from their interpretations of what they learn from society as they grow up. Take the many recent shootings for example. If news outlets would STOP SPREADING FEAR, then becoming the "next school shooter" wouldn't be "cool." Hopefully this answers your question.

They Are Made By Their Own Environment
childhood plays a crucial role in determining how we are going to turn out. most of these killers, if not all, especially Ted Bundy and Aileen had troubled early years!!

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