What are the Warning Signs of a Serial Killer?

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What are the Warning Signs of a Serial Killer?

It has been an age old debate if one is born a criminal or rather becomes one. The history of crime has seen some of the most gruesome and famous serial killers around the world and the debate only intensified with even the deadliest criminals proving they were not born sinner with their thought provoking back stories.

Well, this does not negate the fact that the mind of a serial killer works differently than the law abiding masses. This becomes even more evident with the distinctive behavioral signs of the famous serial killers. Based on the famous serial killers around the world, here are:

Some of the most common signs of a serial killer:

#1. Anti- Social Personality

Serial killers and deadly criminals have the common behavioral sign of being anti- social. They are less interactive and have often no remorse for their acts. A famous example of this warning sign is the criminal Ed Gein, who had no social contacts except for his abusive mother.

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#2. Obsession

Criminals are often high on the fantasizing side. With the sadistic and violent fantasies, serial killers later end up turning their obsession into compulsion. Ed Kemper, a famous serial quoted confessed having vivid and elongated fantasies about killing his victims.

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#3. Voyeurism

Another trait which is a warning sign of having criminal tendencies is voyeuristic behavior. Somehow, the concept of fetishes is quite appealing to the criminals. This trait can even develop at a tender age. Ted Bundy admitted that as an adolescent, he used to go out at night and look for women undressing.

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(Image Courtesy: NY Daily News)

#4. Bed Wetting

Bed wetting is another sign commonly found among criminals. It may be due to the repressed anxieties from childhood or some deep rooted fears that a person with criminal tendency continues to wet the bed even after the age of infancy. Alton Coleman, a famous serial killer was known for wetting his bed.

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#5. Substance Abuse

Many famous serial killers have been found to be grappling with drug and alcohol abuse. With their basic tendency of not being able to control themselves, they easily give into substance abuse at an early age. Jeffrey Dahmer, an infamous serial killer, turned out to be an alcoholic in his teens, which even got him expelled from high school.

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We would love to hear more from you on the common signs of a serial killer. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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