A pregnant dancer shot by goons in Bhatinda! Where is human race heading to?

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A pregnant dancer shot by goons in Bhatinda! Where is human race heading to?

When we heard of the news of a young pregnant dancer getting shot and killed publicly in Bathinda, Punjab, it shocked our conscience.

To what extent can youngsters of India degenerate, too is a question frequented in the minds of every Indian. How much influence has drugs, alcohol and arms have on today’s modern young men of affluent society is to be noted. Despite India being a country where arms and ammunition remains restricted, yet these goons managed to grab these things and dared to enter a marriage ceremony.

Online and offline communities globally started to criticize the government and the corruption existing in the state of Punjab. Not only had that news went viral instantly, it helped in publicly shaming the face of India, globally. This incident underlined the statement of the lack of protection Indian women has in our society. The daring of these youth clearly depicts how the society promotes such thuggish behavior in affluent young men. It also portrays the helplessness of the lower sections of the society who are no doubt subjected to such abusiveness.

But remember, when we point one finger towards the government, remaining three fingers keeps pointed at us. This behavior is not creation of today. But this sort of barbaric practices happened in many places, at different times all over India. Yet, does the public ever remember the date of such incidents. After the initial shock, public will forget and get on with their lives. Whether those goons get punished or they remain unscathed and prowling in the society is not a topic for the public to dwell on. They remain busy with their lives while such incidents keep  happening at an alarming rate.

Let me ask you one question. When was the last time you had done anything for this country? If we can answer this question affirmatively, I’m quite sure our society wouldn’t have degenerated to this degree.

Remember, Democracy is the mirror reflection of the public. If you blame the politicians, then you are indirectly blaming yourself as the behavior of politicians is mirror reflections of our corrupted society. Let’s take the first baby steps of change and help in regenerating our country. Actions always speak louder than words.
A vigilant public is something to be afraid of. If we remain vigilant and daring, then the true colours of Indian democracy will shine forever globally.

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