Learnings from PINK movie

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Learnings from PINK movie

Ever wondered what would have been the motive of the director behind naming his movie ‘PINK’? No, the movie titled ‘PINK’ is not just a color to relate women. In fact, it has nothing to do with gender depiction. Those who guessed with excitement that the movie title has to do something with symbolizing women might effectively be wrong. The word plays a greater importance than being just a symbol in the movie; it is a slang used for vagina and related abuse. Amazed? I was too, welcome to reality.  

‘Pink’ as a movie is a hard-hitting truth on the hollowness of the society and its morals. Those who have still not watched it should not expect the story line here. This article shall be talking about the lessons and the running conclusions from the movie.

I shall admit, I gawked when I left the theater. The movie is a success not only in terms of money, but also the theater impregnated with loud applause when the credits started rolling at the end. Rajasthan is not a state where you can expect the audience to understand the situation of women in the society. People here still believe in patriarchy and female foeticide. Getting such a response from such an audience bewildered me. It succeeded in evoking all the right questions in the minds of the people.

Coming to point, the first lesson it teaches is of gender equality. Every person on earth is born the same way but, with physical differences. These physical changes between men and women led to the changes in the treatment towards them in the society.

The movie quotes, “sharab ko yahan par ek kharab character ki nishani mana jata hai, ladkiyon ke liye. Ladkon ke liye nahi. Ladkon ke liye ye sirf ek health hazard hai.” It meant that drinking here is a sign of bad character, for girls. Not for boys. For them, it’s only a health hazard.

Second, it teaches us to fight against the corrupt system. Money and power play the running game in our system. The movie gives us the strength to fight against it until any little hope left within us. “Our system thrashes weak people,” quotes the movie.

Third, it teaches us to beat the societal norms and be who we are. The society does no good to you but, judges your morals and character based on dressing, the length of the dress, coming late, partying, drinking habits, being friends with opposite gender and many irrelevant things that make no sense at all. Quoting the hard-hitting facts from the movie: "hamare yahan ghadi ki sui character decide karti hai," which means in our society the clock’s needle decides the character.

Rock show me hai to hint hai, or library ya mandir me hai to hint nahi hai. Venue decide karta hai character” meaning that if you are in a rock show means it is a hint (you are available) and if you are in a temple means it is not. Venue decides the character.

Jab ladkiyaan party me jati hain aur drink karti hain to wo pushtaini hak ban jati hain apka,” which means when the girls go out to party and drink, they become your birthright.

The fourth and the most important learning from the movie is that we must teach our boys the morals we teach our girls. This way we can protect them both. They should know and understand that ‘no’ is not just a word, it completes a sentence in itself without any doubt or explanation. Our boys should realize that if a woman says no, she means it whether she is a known or unknown, friend, girlfriend, sex worker or wife. If someone says no, they should stop.

The movie is not only a giveaway for men; women should learn to stay strong and vocal against any physical abuse or harassment. They should not let any man enjoy the freedom of touching or groping without their permission. Being vocal against abuse won’t make them the culprit but, being silent would.

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Yes, movies like PINK are eye opener for all.

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