What is the difference between culture and society?

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What is the difference between culture and society?

 Culture and society both are two different words which require a thorough understanding of the two extremes.

Though both these terms are inter- related to each other but then to are different. These both terms are important in a person’s lifespan of time.


Society is the environment, the place where we living among many people. Society, as the name suggests, is the social gathering of people of varying thoughts, nature, and culture.  Society is among which we live and is an important part of our lives.

We live in a society where there are friends for life, neighbours, chit chats of women, parties, even enemies too. It’s our society which guards us, among which we all feel safe and at one place. People live together and share happiness and sorrows.

Society is a place where we are free to express our views on something and everybody loves to be a part of it. We care for each other when in a society and share our cultures too. In a society, you may find people with different cultures sharing the bond of love and happiness altogether.


On the other hand, culture refers to the traditions, values, norms which a society follows or has been following since ages. Here comes the basic difference between society and culture which is, culture is a part of society whereas society isn’t a part of culture.

Culture is something different and when together, forms a society. Society follows a particular culture not a culture follows a particular society. Culture is the way of living of the people and different societies have different cultures like for example, Rajasthani society has the culture of performing ‘Garba’ on occasions, ‘durga pooja’ an important part of Kolkata people etc.

Every society has their own culture according to which they work. They have their own methods to perform a certain task. Cultures vary according to people, their nation and their values. Culture includes languages, way of living, dressing, family relations, rules and regulations etc. people with different cultures have their own views on these aspects.


So, culture and society are related to each other but culture covers a wide range of norms to be followed which passes over to many generations ahead.

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