Peculiar Superstitions of some Countries

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Peculiar Superstitions of some Countries

Do you feel bad luck chasing you when the black cat of your neighborhood crosses your way? Do you feel doomed when someone just sneezes right before leaving the doorstep of your house? Well even in today’s era of smartphones and information technology, superstitions still do persist in the hearts and minds of many.

Here are some bizarre ones that might surprise you

Cannibalistic gum chewing in Turkey: In certain parts of Turkey, it is believed that chewing gum at night rots dead flesh! Now does that make you think twice when you whip out your chewing gum?

Cheese for the newborn?You might have heard of cheddar, pepper jack or Swiss cheese. But groaning cheese is something you might not have heard of before. In Medieval England, pregnant moms made a large chunk of cheese that continued to mature for a period of nine months as the unborn child kept growing. The time of childbirth referred to as ‘groaning time’ would be the marked as an occasion of celebration when this cheese would be eaten by the entire family leaving nothing of the cheese but just the outer rind. It is through this mind that the newborn would be passed on the day of being christened as he would be blessed for a prosperous and long life!- A cheesy superstition indeed!

Bird poop to bring you riches! : Commonly believed in Russia, if you have a bird pooping over you, it’s a sigh of good luck that could bring you riches! So take it as a blessing when a bird poops on you!

Carried on from the generations, superstitions have certainly been a part and parcel in shaping the culture and society. Be it the urban legends, old wives' tales or just scary stories, each of these has a legend of their own!

No they're all man-made and illogical

There is no scientific foundation to superstition it occurs just due to some co-incidence and wrong belief of people.

There are some reasons to avoid believing superstitions...

1. Superstitions can rule your life

2. There is no scientific foundation to superstition

3. Understand where superstitions come from

4. Superstitions can be very inconvenient!

5. It causes unnecessary anxiety

6. You make your own luck

7. Superstitions only seem real, because you make them so

8. You might fail where otherwise you would have succeeded

9. You only remember the times a superstition appears to come true

10. Nothing can predict the future 

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