'Touch-wood' for Luck ???

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'Touch-wood' for Luck ???

Luck has its own space in everyone's life. People crave for it while others prove themselves to be lucky. Still, there are various superstitious beliefs that make us do things that can enhance our luck. One such case of superstition is Touching wood.

Touch wood is a phrase that people apply when suddenly they experience joyfulness and curiosity. The fact that touching a wood would help that precious thing to happen and would not create any bad omen in between makes them believe in it.

Touch wood is purely a case of a superstition, it is something that we do keep in mind to have good fortunes and to end a specific goal in a proper way. It is not in light of human reason or logical learning but rather is associated with old thoughts regarding enchantment and prosperity.

It is regularly imagined that touching wood has been a superstitious activity to edge out the negative implication before a work is completed.

One such research points out that the idea got from the Pagans who felt that trees were the homes of pixies, spirits, dryads and numerous other supernatural animals. In these occurrences, individuals may thump or touch wood to demand good fortunes, or to divert spirits with underhandedness aims.

Nevertheless, whatever the reason may be, it is purely an act of superstition and depends on person to person who goes through it.

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Yes I do believe. .. it gives a satisfaction .

No, I do not believe in any good-luck or miracle, I believe in doing handwork and doing that work smartly in a proper way. If i do not get success then I will not blame good luck or destiny i will try doing that work again. 

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