How to Be Blunt Without Hurting anyone?

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How to Be Blunt Without Hurting anyone?

A lot of people find it difficult to say 'no' to the things that do not serve them. They keep going in life doing things because they are afraid of hurting other's emotions or expectations. They live their lives making others happy and being unhappy themselves. All of this is because they are not able to be straight away blunt, they cannot say what they really feel and believe in. These people cannot stand by the things they tend to believe in.

All of us make some adjustment at one or the other point in life and that is really very essential to develop relationships in life. But, what is crucial to understand is the fact that there is a thin line between making adjustments and not speaking up your mind. When you are not able to be blunt, you are not giving voice to your wishes and are living the life that is designed by others.

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People need to make sure that they are speaking up their mind without fear, and are doing all that is essential to be able to live the life that they wish to live. So if you are compelled to do anything otherwise, you will have to be able to speak up clearly and if you cannot do that then you will have to live a life that is not fulfilling. Be blunt and do not give in to the expectations of people, do not be fearful of the consequences and the reaction other people are going to have. If you are afraid that the other person will not understand your point of view and will be disappointed, then you really need to work on your fear. It really is not wise to be willing to suppress yourself just because people you attach importance to are not able to understand your choices.

The idea is to not let fear decide all the actions that you are going to make. You will be better off being absolutely alone rather than being with people who do not allow you to be who you really are. Another thing about being blunt and telling exactly what you think is the fact that people are afraid of coming across as rude to others. You do not want to be really nice and be in the good books of other people when you are not able to feel happy and positive about your life. In such situations, it is important for people to be built and state the opinions clearly.

How To Blunt Without Hurting Anyone?

#1. State The Reason

The best tip to make sure that you are stating what you exactly wish to do, which will mean you are being blunt, is to tell them the reason for your choice or decision. In case you refuse to do something or do not agree with a point, state the reason for your belief or your ideas. What this will do is that it will make it easy for people to see why you think in a particular way or why you are disagreeing with something. It will not look like you are being stuck up or too rude to participate in something or agree with something. Sometimes we do not state the reason properly and that makes it look like we are being rude and not affirming to the wishes of others. Therefore, try to state a reason for your opinions so as to make everyone clear of your points.

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#2. Mind Your Tone

Sometimes when we have to make a point, we tend to get excited, get too loud. The tone of our voice becomes such that we sound really rude. It is essential to keep a check on the tone of your voice especially when you are expressing your opinions. This will make sure you do not sound rude and are able to make your point as well. What is very important to keep in mind is the fact that if you can be calm and polite and speak your mind, in most cases people will not take you as a rude person. Being blunt does not always mean you are rude, in most cases it is about being clear about your preferences and choices.

#3. Make Sure You Are Not Imposing Ideas On Others

While expressing your opinions bluntly, it is very important to make sure that you are not imposing your ideas on others. Your approach should be to state your opinion about a particular thing or circumstance, and not to impose your ideas on others. This is the only thing you need to keep in mind in case you wish to be blunt and state what you believe in and not seem rude at the same time. It is really good to have your own opinion. At the same time, you also need to make sure that you give others the space to have their own set of opinions. There should be enough room for other people to express their opinion. Being blunt is being clear about your own opinion and not imposing them on others. It is the ability to state all that you have to say and feel about a topic and not impose your ideas on others.

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#4. Do It At The Right Time

You may have your opinion and may have taken the decision to do something, but it is not necessary that others will agree with all that you have to say. So it is very important to make sure that you keep in mind the timing and the place you have chosen to take this step. When you speak to someone about the ideas you hold or the kind of feelings you have about a situation, make sure that they are in the frame of mind to hear it and be patient enough to understand it. At the same time, you need to be able to make sure that you are doing it at the right place.

#5. Make Sure You Speak The Truth

In case you are being brutal to make sure that you are speaking the truth that is essential for people to know and understand then it is really good. But, you do not need to be blunt about things that are not correct and try to impose it on people. Be brutally honest but do not use it for the wrong reasons.

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