How to Stop being Self-Centered?

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How to Stop being Self-Centered?

Have people started ignoring you? Does nobody like to talk to you? What could be the reason for people not paying attention to you? Is it because you are self-centered? Who is a self-centered person? A person who is preoccupied with oneself and one’s affairs is called self-centered.  If you are a self-centered person, then it is the only reason you are being avoided by the people you like. Nobody likes to be with a person who just thinks about themselves and does not take other people’s opinion into account. Being self-centered can sometimes be a negative aspect that can interfere with a person’s personal and professional life. So, how to stop being self-centered?

What are the signs of a self-absorbed person? A person who is selfish wants everything to work in their favor. These people think about themselves before doing anything because they do not want to be in loss. Self-centered is often confused with narcissism. There is a difference between a narcissist and self-centered person. Self-centered is a personality trait whereas narcissism is a disorder. Both narcissism and self-absorption have disadvantages. They make a person behave in a way that can harm other people. The point that makes a self-centered person less liked by people is that they do not think about other people and then their actions can sometimes harm them. A person who can be responsible for another person’s loss cannot be trusted which is why they do not enjoy great company.

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Friendship is all about being available for the other person in need and thinking about the friend before thinking about oneself, but if a person is self-centered, then he or she cannot be trusted as a good friend. Most of the times, people regret their decisions after they have done wrong. A self-centered person does not intentionally push the other person. Their decisions are solely based on winning something they want. Their focus is on gaining profit for themselves. The regret often leads them towards self-hatred. Self-hatred leads to lack of confidence and self-worth. A person without confidence faces a lot of problems in their life. Their ability to deal with the stress decreases because they do not trust themselves. They cannot take the right decisions anymore. However, it is not necessary that all the self-centered people harm others. They may be sensitive towards other people’s emotion and therefore their actions may not always be destructive for others. A self-centered person cares for their self which is very important. So, let us explore how to stop being self-centered. How to become less self-absorbed to enjoy healthy relationships at work and at home.  

#1. Pay Attention To People’s Response

First, you must observe how people react to what you say or do. Do all of the people go away the moment you enter? Or do they argue with you? Do you listen to people when their opinions do not match with yours? It is very important that you listen to other people if you want to change yourself. Unless you know what is that thing that triggers other people’s anger, you won’t be able to amend things. So, listen when a person tells you that you are wrong. Ask them about their opinion. You can initiate healthy argument but do not try to dominate the other person with your rigid thoughts. Try to be flexible when you talk to any individual. Do not fight if you do not agree with the person opposite you. Keep your calm and try to handle the situation maturely. There will always be hundreds of people who do not agree with your but you cannot fight with everyone. Learn to live with differences in opinions, likes and the whole world. It will begin with changing your perception.

#2. Think From Other People’s Perspective

Whenever you state an opinion or when someone disagrees with you always keep yourself in that person’s shoes. Everyone suffers through rough times in their lives, and their opinions are strengthened through them. If a person opposes you, then that person may have had more experience than you. Their information and knowledge may be more than yours and so you must listen to other people as they might teach you something. The other person may have faced a lot of ups and down lately and if you say something offensive then you are adding to the hurt they have already experienced. The world is not just about you. There is a lot going on in the world and some issues are way more serious than yours. What would you feel if you were in their place? How would you react and how would you expect the other people to react? Try to do what you want from other people. If you want other people to respect you and listen to you then you, must do that yourself. Respect all the people around you and treat them better than you used to. Be sensitive towards their emotions and thoughts. When you begin respecting others, they will observe the change and then they will start respecting you. Tell people that you have understood what they go through and apologize for all the immature things you have said or done in the past.

#3. Learn To Lose Gracefully

It becomes difficult for a self-centered person to accept their defeat. They cannot lose a game or a competition because they always work hard to win but it is okay to accept that defeat. A person cannot win all the times. There will be someone who would be working harder than you and they will win. You will not always be right. When a person does not accept their loss they become depressive. The loss makes them aggressive and the anger damages the ability to think straight. People often employ unfair means to win because losing gives them unwanted stress. The only way to get rid of the anxiety and stress of losing is to accept that you lost.

#4. Start Expressing Gratitude For Small Things

To become less self-centered you should practice expressing gratitude. Start thanking people who help you every day even for little unnoticeable things. Every person who helps you expects you to be grateful. So, express as much gratitude as you can even towards strangers. Start helping people even if you do not like them. It will make you a better person and everyone will like you more. When you will help the person, you do not like you will get to know a lot about that person and you may realize that the person isn’t that rude and mean as you thought.

#5. Do Not Brag About Your Accomplishments

You can talk about your achievements but do not brag about them. The more you boast about your victories, the more people will think that you are a self-absorbed person. Be proud of what you have done but do not go to each person to praise yourself. Talk about your accomplishment to people who ask for it. If people are talking about their success stories, then share yours as well but do not try to look down upon others while doing it. There is a difference between pride and vanity. Be proud but do not brag. Become self-disciplined. 

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#6. Do Good For People You Care About
You should become thoughtful if you want to stop being self-absorbed. Show people that you care about them. When you do not express your feelings to other people, they start thinking that you are selfish. So, do things that they do for you. Send them gifts or simply talk to them about what you feel.

Are you self-centered? Do you think these tips are helpful? Share your views with us through the comments section below. We look forward to your replies.

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