How to Get Over a Crush on your Co-Worker?

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How to Get Over a Crush on your Co-Worker?

We all develop a crush on people from time to time. You meet someone, like the way they talk, walk, and suddenly sparks start to fly. While some crushes blossom into relationships, most fail to turn into anything fruitful. Also, getting over a crush is not easy, especially when that person is someone you see on a daily basis, like a coworker. Crushing on a colleague can lead to a lot of stress and also complicate things in the workplace.

When you see someone for 40 hours a week, it is not unreasonable to start to develop feelings for them. However, you can’t always act upon your crush on a coworker since your reputation might be adversely affected, it might impact the quality of your work or your office policy frowns upon it. Now while people do understand why office romance is a bad idea, they fail when it comes to getting over their crush. And that is exactly what we are here for. We understand how important it is and difficult it can be to get over a crush on a coworker and that is why we are bringing you some tips regarding the same. You can find these below:

#1. Consider The Repercussions

The easiest way to get over your crush on a coworker is considering what it can lead to. Think about what you are risking if you do choose to make a move on your coworker. First of all, you need to contemplate if this crush can really turn into a relationship or is it more likely to be just another fling. By indulging in an office romance, you are practically putting your reputation, work quality and peace of mind on the line and so this has to be worth it. Let’s be real for a second and think about what will happen if your relationship fails. You will have to see your ex’s face 8 hours and day and there is no escaping that.

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#2. Figure Out The Reason Behind The Crush

More times than not, there is a good reason as to why we have a crush on someone. It could be that we are bored out of our lives and desperately want to spice it up with some romance. But just because your life is a bit dull at the moment does not mean that you should start going out with a guy or a girl you work with. There are plenty other ways to make your days interesting and exciting. For instance, you can pick up a new hobby, revamp your workstation or perhaps plan a holiday. Getting romantically involved with a colleague is literally one of the worst ideas one can think of to make days exciting.

#3. Avoid Spending Too Much Time With Them At Work

After you have already developed a crush on a colleague, there isn’t much you can do about it. The feelings are there and will stay for some time. One option that you do have at your disposal is spending less time with them. You might not always be able to make this choice as you may be forced to work closely with that individual. But in case you do, then do not let your emotions take you over and take good care of not seeing them too much at work. Hang out with another group of colleagues or dwell on your work. Just do anything that keeps you from seeing their adorable face throughout the day.

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#4. Do Not Let Any Coworker Know About Your Feelings

Nothing spreads faster than office gossips. So even if you let only a few people know about your crush on a coworker, you can bet everything on the fact that other people are going to hear about it, and soon you will become the center of office gossips. Then if you try to stop thinking about your feelings and get over your crush, people are not going to let you. In addition to that, there is also a good chance that your boss and others who you do not want to learn about your scene will find out about it. Therefore, it is better to keep your feelings to yourself.

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#5. Socialize With Friends Outside Of Work

It is okay to hang out with your colleagues but now that you have a crush on one of them, don’t you think it would be a better idea to spend your free time with other people? People you do not crush on or people dating whom will not get you in trouble. If you have been avoiding social interaction outside of work and spending too much time at work or with your colleagues, then take some time out to hang out with non-work friends. Who says you can’t look for romance? Get in touch with someone you used to like but did not pursue since they were dating someone. They could be single and ready to mingle now.

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#6. Distract Yourself

How can you expect yourself to get over a crush if you keep thinking about it throughout the day? So, turning your head towards other things can be your key here. When you are at work, concentrate on your work and only have professional interactions with your colleagues. Simple things like listening to your favorite songs or decorating your workstation can suffice. Outside of work, you can pick up hobbies or focus on getting yourself in shape. These can act as great distractions. You will be amazed to see how amazingly these positive distractions work and help you get over your crush on a coworker.

#7. Set Boundaries

If you are adamant about not letting your crush on a coworker get out of control and ruin things for you, then you need to set boundaries for yourself. For instance, you can only talk to the person who you have a crush on in the presence of a third person as this will keep you from stepping over the line. You also need to put an end to your flirting sessions with that coworker. If you have developed a habit of going on breaks with them, then smother this habit or find someone else to join you. Crush can sometimes be like an addiction so take this as your rehab.

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#8. Give Yourself Some Time

As we said, we understand how difficult it can be to get over your coworker crush, so the last thing that we would tell you to do is take your time. You can’t just wake up one day and realize that you no longer have the same feelings for someone that you did yesterday. It could be weeks or even months before you completely get over that person. You need to keep yourself from getting frustrated with having to deal with your situation.

So, this is how you get over your crush on a coworker. Have you ever had a crush on someone you worked with? What did you do about it? Did you choose to deal with your feelings or opted to make a move on them? Also, how do you think one can get over their crush on a coworker? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below. We look forward to your replies.

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