Why Office Romances are Not a Good Idea?

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Why Office Romances are Not a Good Idea?

When you get out of the college environment, you tend to spend most of your time at your workplace. You hardly get time to go out for lunch or dinner for that matter. Anyway, jokes apart, getting time for anything apart from office becomes difficult. However, you would like to meet someone special after such age of course. Then suddenly, Cupid shoots his arrow, and here you go. It hits the person in your office, and your hearts goes away, it starts rushing faster. There are no two ways about the fact that love is in the air. But wait, stop! If you want to look for someone special, don’t look for them in the workplace. This is what is claimed by most of the relationship experts advice. 

There are many chances and reasons that you might feel that the person you found at your workplace might be your soulmate or perfect match. You might have similar proximity, interests and most importantly comfortable work schedules for both. However, there are even more reasons to avoid office romance. It can not just damage your career big time but can also make your life similar to hell. Before you even think to embark on an office romance do consider the things and environment around. Once you are head over heels for a colleague, there is no coming back from the dead end. Though it is not necessary that you will only fail in an office romance but there are most of the chances that might end up failing your relationship. So take our musical words of warning and save yourself. You might wonder why is it so harmful. Let’s figure out the reasons which make an office romance nothing but a mess to handle:

#1. Reality or Romance

In an office romance, reality is very different and romance is not the part of the reality. If you are in a work environment that means real work, you can not really count on a happy ending as far as an office romance is concerned. You can never afford to lose your heart and mind in between an important presentation or between those urgent files. According to most relationship experts, it suggests nothing more than chaos. If you want to take a smart decision and anticipate the worse that is going to take place. There are several companies which even does not allow to date a fellow employee.

#2. Nothing Is Just Your Private

After a certain point, you may think that it is your personal affair, but is it? Really! Logic might tell you that it is your personal issues, but your romantic involvement with your colleague will affect everything that comes on you directly or indirectly. You can never exclude them from conversations. You can never have lunch with your friends. You will never be a part of a group as you both initially preferred each other’s company and now people don’t include you in a group. Your relationship may also affect other’s opinion about you two.

#3. Effect On Your Performance

This is inevitable that the office romance will start affecting your work performance after a while. While you are working all your concentration needs to be on your work only. However, being around the person you have romantic feelings for will distract you from working, ending up affecting your work and performance. The long breaks and lunch dates will change your perspective in your coworker's eyes as well. However, after a breakup, it will be harder. The broken heart will not allow you to excel in your work. Your performance will be affected during and also after the relationship.

#4. Gossips Are Too Hard To Handle

The work politics can never be stopped. It is not in your hand to avoid or stop this from happening. The romance between two people in a workplace will never come without some rumors and gossips. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are too ugly. Everyone's eyes will be on you two once the office gets to know about that the two people from the same workplace are dating each other. A workplace can never stay between two people. You can never avoid the ugly and unstoppable rumors about you people. The constant taunting and trail of gossip will be too hard to handle in a place where you are ought to work.

#5. Claustrophobic Life

Dating your coworker is like taking your work to your bed. You will never be free from this. You, two people, will be around each other for the whole day and even after getting back home you both not will be able to get your personal space. Imagine, when will you get the time for yourself! It will definitely affect and decrease your personal space. Most of the financially independent people do not like to be bound and caged. The moment you get out of office, you have a broader office with you all the time in the form of your partner.

#6. Hiding An Office Romance Is Impossible

If you think you can hide an office romance, then you are probably making a mistake. You just think that you can escape from the continuous judgment of being in a relationship with someone from your office, but you won’t. Even if you were Iago, you won’t be able to hide your office romance for a long time. You need to get one thing straight in your life once you start dating a coworker, after a couple of days you will have to face many judging eyes. If you are ready and willing to take it, then go for it.

#7. The Jealousy Factor

The J factor can never be away from your relationship if you know what I mean. Jealousy is unavoidable. If the girl is getting an appraisal, the guy will be jealous. Similarly, if the guy gets a few compliments from the female colleagues, the girl will be extra jealous. If you both are not getting jealous from other people, they will be jealous of you as you both get so much time together. The environment of the office will be very envious. Can love blossom in such an envious workplace? We seriously doubt it.

#8. Partiality Will Eventually Arise

There is a dreadful term which is like a poison in the relationship, especially the office romance; partiality. If you will take the side of your loved one, you will always be accused of taking sides and be biased of that person. This can become a major turndown in your relationship as it will not only affect your relationship but your links with the other co-workers will also get damaged. Rules are often broken in love; office rules are obvious to be broken. Love is blind, and we don’t need to say more than this. Partiality will never make your position flourish in office, not in love either.

#9. No Butterflies Feel

If you are dating a co-worker, the charm will be finished very soon. Since you both see each other daily. Normally you spend almost 10 hours of your day at your workplace. Obviously, it is very beautiful and lovely initially but these butterflies fly away too soon. After some time your fairy tale will become worse than a tragedy. Initially, you will find your Monday as Friday whenever you will see your date. However, it doesn’t go very far from there. The butterflies go on fire when you meet your beloved after waiting the whole week. But here, seeing them for the whole week makes the relationship monotonous and boring.

#10. Business With Pleasure? Nah!

Mixing business with pleasure is a cocktail which neither tastes very good or nor buzzes your head as it should be. The office romance can actually jeopardize your career and your achievements. Obviously, nobody wants that. If you work your ass off to get a position where you are currently, you will not want to take a risk by damaging your reputation and career by mixing your business with pleasures. There is no thin line left between work and personal life if you are dating someone from your workplace. A salad of personal and work life is never too tasty to have.

#11. God Forbid If You Break Up!

The worse comes when the things don't work out between you two. If things do not seem pleasant and you people by any chance plan to separate, that won’t be a very fortunate scene to watch. It will affect the office environment for you two as the people will be divided into two groups after the breakup. And god forbid if you were the one who did not choose to break up, that would be worse than a nightmare. You will have to see them every day after finishing the relationship. Nothing can be more painful than seeing someone who has hurt you badly, and that too daily.

These were the few reasons which can make an office romance worse than being single. What do you feel about this? Let us know in the comment section below.

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As we all know that the most of the time spend in our life when we complete our studies is at our workplace. After starting to work, we hardly get time to go out and look for someone we can hang out with or spend time with. It is very natural to find someone from the workplace only with whom you connect so much and develop a natural connection. Though, it is also not false that the office romances are the worse of them all. The experience in an office romance is not something you can look forward to. The point that the article discusses are actually the right things. You most don’t get a happy ending in an office romance. Most of all it’s just attraction, firstly because you spend a lot of time together. Secondly, as the interest of you and the coworker matches a lot for the obvious reasons. It is very normal to have the same mentality with mostly everyone in the workplace as you all work for the same motive and tend to have the same kind of perspective towards work. The reality and romance in the office are just two different things that can never match I suppose. Though, there are people who can and have handled an office romance. As they say, exceptions are always there. So it is not legit that you cannot have fulfilling relationship with someone from your own office. However, the chances are less and also the complications involved are not something everyone can take or want to take. The most irritating thing is the rumors I believe. People do not miss any chance to create gossips and rumors out of an office romance. The worse part starts after the two people separate. Nothing can be more pathetic than seeing someone that has hurt you. Moreover seeing them daily, Nah! Not a good idea.

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