What changes would you like to make in your culture?

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What changes would you like to make in your culture?

"Mom, it's 21st century. Things have changed. Be practical and modern now. Our culture, our culture, follow our culture. It's all that I get to hear the entire day. I seriously want freedom now. Nowadays parents are so understanding and modern. But you always keep on hitting your cultural rules upon me. I need a break from your norms and culture. Please, I need a break," cried Priya endlessly.

"Priya, my child, growing up does not mean that you forget your culture. How can you even think of disrespecting the Indian Culture? Do you even know that India is known only for it's culture?"

"Mom please stop all this. Don't start off again please. I'm getting late for the party. One more thing, I'm not against our culture. I just want certain changes in our culture."

"Changes, like?"

"Firstly I want our culture to allow western dresses too. People bear a very pathetic mindset in their minds that those who wear Indian are pure and those who don't are spoiled brats. I want changes in the mindset of the people. Indians are not responsible citizens. People just enjoy watching evilness as if a movie is going on. No one is ready to speak against evil and even if one speaks against someone, he or she is threatened until he or she finally gives up or loses his or her life. Despite of being a part of the modern world, we women still don't share equal rights of men. We still have to bear several restrictions. There are many Indians who still believe that women are only limited to their household chores and they must not work or serve their family. Indians love to litter their garbage, here, there and everywhere. Indians are so selfish that they only use the term "I" instead of "We." There are too many religions in India and no body respects the other religions."

"Priya you are absolutely right. Your changes are worth to be noticed but changing the culture does not mean that you disrespect your culture entirely. Today's generation misuse the freedom given to them. This is the reason why I'm scared to give you too much of freedom. This country is not safe for Women."

"Mom, I really respect your concern for me. I appreciate it. But mom learn to trust me. I promise I would never break your trust.  It's your trust and your love that will safeguard me everywhere your go, ans not your norms that chokes me everyday."

Priya's mother realized that she was too strict and promised Priya that she would respect her emotions and freedom and will trust her endlessly.

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