the social pressure of being a girl

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the social pressure of being a girl



 In India, girls are said to be goddess Laxmi, a source of wealth. Women are said to be prayed because our culture says that but my question here is, does she? Every Now and then we hear many cases of girls been raped or murdered brutally by his friends or relatives why so? They should be prayed no but no who one cares? Girls are being molested and we simply can’t do anything except listening to the tantrums of the society. Rapists are free to roam everywhere and we girls have our boundaries set why?

A girl is more humiliated and a topic of discussion by the society so called “samaj”. Even our parents, they are the first one to ask us “beta, samaj kya kahega?” this society is not only limited to our locality but the entire world instead. I mean just because of "samaaj kya kahega", we girls stop living our life right?

A girl is like an eye-catching element where the society eyes are on them for 24 hours. Girls are pressurized by the society just because they are girls and are born to remain in their limits. Sometimes they even commit suicide when are not able to tolerate and face the world. Just because the world is full of monsters, we can’t go out after 8 in the evening or either hang out with friends late in the evening. If a girl is raped or molested, she is even more killed inside listening to the indents of the society. If a girl is in a relationship then it's her matter. If she breaks up with somebody then to it’s her problem. What's the point of society poking its nose in a girl’s matter? it's her life after all. She is looked upon as if what has happened or what sin did she make that she got raped. Indents from the society are more hurting than the situation which a girl is going through. And if by mistake that girl becomes pregnant, then to it’s like the bucket of indents thrown over her face. Be it the cases of acid attacks or murders, every time girls are being blamed for the cause. Nobody ever tries to understand the hardships that the victim who is a girl actually going through.

Moving to the other side, that is the marriage, I swear I think our society people are more than our parents. The entire society has given us birth and they are the ones to decide what we should do because we are girls, nice. And if we are happily married, after that we came back to our home fighting with our mother in law or may be his family for a reason, society is the first one to indent on it too. How a girl has to sit, walk, eat, dress, work etc. all this is not her own choice rather a pressure from the society, why? Just because she is a girl.
This society is the only one to even change the mind of a girl’s parent. They chit chat for a long time as the result of which girls are forced to certain things. We can't live alone, independently and work for ourselves. By a certain limit of age, a girl is said to be married whether or not she is working. What Are all these girls not free to do whatever they wish to do? Just because of society matters, we have to work according to the society. The girl is beaten, harassed, tortured and then you claim them to be the goddess. Shame on such people.

It’s true that our culture tells people to respect girls and treat them as the goddess but it’s hardly seen anywhere. Girls are not born to listen to the indents of society and work according to them. Girls are born to rule the world not to fall in the hand of others. They are independent and no boundaries can bound them. They are none less than the boys and share equal and in fact, they are fast in the race than boys. Respect them and treat every girl like she is our own real sister. Especially to men’s who are a part of society only, girls are an important part of your lives without which you all can’t even exist. So respect them and treat them like a princess, not a whore. Girls are really an important part of our society and they rock the world. They are no less than boys.                                                                           


Indian society is too narrow minded to respect a girl.


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