How to Be Sexy & Feel Sexy?

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How to Be Sexy & Feel Sexy?

Looking sexy and feeling sexy are two entirely different things. People have particular opinions about being sexy. Guys should have abs and look like a certain way, and girls should have a particular size of the body which is nothing but stereotyping. Looking sexy has been fit into a category but feeling sexy can never be put into a cage.

Being confident and carrying yourself in the right manner is the key to looking as well as feeling sexy. You need to believe in your sexiness first, and then people will automatically believe in it. Afterall, being sexy is an attitude to carry. \

What Is Being Sexy?

For most of the people, there is a direct correlation between a sexy mind and a sexy self. Being sexy is about having a sexy state of mind. It is hard to feel sexy until the time you don't feel positive. If you are surrounded by negative thoughts in your head, it is impossible for you to feel sexy. You need to reap some sexy habits in order to feel and then look sexy accordingly. You will look sexy immediately when you feel sexy about yourself.

How To Feel And Be Sexy?

#1. Accept And Embrace Yourself

Tell your flesh and blood loudly that how much you love yourself and that you honor, cherish, love and respect yourself. You are absolutely perfect the way you are. The more you will tell this to yourself, the more you will start believing it. Charge yourself up and abandon the negatives. Develop a positive body language which can make you feel sexy.

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#2. Do Something Challenging

Accepting the challenges which scare you makes you feel sexy about yourself. Routine life can make you feel monotonous. So do something that you always looked forward to doing. Trying something new and adventurous literally triggers you to feel happy and sexy about yourself. Travel as much as you want which will build your confidence. Doing adventurous things will make you feel even more powerful.

#3. Chill Out And Relax

The simplest way to feel sexy is being relaxed. This is a tremendously important step to feel confident. The first step to a satisfactory life is to have a chillout and relax. In such hyper-stressed times, it is not easy to have a stressless life. However, try to relax as much as you can.

#4. Dress To Impress

Even if you are just going for coffee or go shopping, try to look sexy every time you step out of the home. As they say “Always dress up as you are going to see your worst enemy.” Even comfortable clothes can make you look sexy. It is all about the place and how presentable you look.

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#5. Choose Healthy Flirting

Making a gentle eye contact and having a healthy flirtatious conversation can make you and the other person feel sexy about you. A little twinkle in your eye and a wicked smile can make your personality a lot sexier. Everyone wants to feel desired which can boost your confidence a lot. This will make you feel sexy and empowered immediately.

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#6. Avoid Competing With Everyone

Wherever you see around, there is always a race going on among people. The competition never ends. But you really don't need to be the part of every race. Everyone is different. Therefore, have confidence in yourself and stop competing for once.

#7. Highlight The Positives

Everyone has positivities and negativities in themselves. However, you need to accentuate your positivities in front of others. Try to make yourself better than you already are. You have thousands of positivities that should be embraced rather than focusing on negatives. You are the only person who knows every positivity about yourself, therefore develop it.

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#8. Pamper Yourself As Much As You Can

You are special, if not to anyone else but for yourself at least. Treat yourself to a little lavish luxury that you deserve. Avoid indulging yourself in guilt or sadness, rather rewake your positive personality and start showing some love to yourself. 

#9. Develop An Individuality

Your personality speaks a lot about you. You need to have an individual identity in order to be sexy. Break the stereotypes and be the real self that you are. Stick to your individual personality. Liberate yourself from the restrictions of the society. Switch to your personal individuality for enjoying your time as much as you want.

#10. Independence Is Sexy

Amen! This the most truthful thing you will ever come across. Be it a man or a woman, if you are independent, you are sexy. Go on a date that is hot, probably with yourself. Exchange some productive conversation with the menu and order your favorite food. Treat yourself to be the best person in your life because you deserve this. If you are confident and independent, you are nothing but sexy.

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#11. Use The Gentle Touch

A gentle touch is a gesture of full engagement in the conversation. Lightly blushing and gently touching is all you need to look sexy. A few physical touches and intimacy shows that you don’t want the physical barrier to come between your communication. These touches are gentle yet powerful and impactful enough to make an indication of bold and sexy personality.

#12. Be Confident And Determined

Some tips can change your whole personality, literally in a great manner. Try to be confident and determined for what you do and believe. Though, don’t start expecting the results overnight. Investing in healthy habits will never disappoint you. It will even develop a positive personality for you. Also, you will get the sense of gratitude that whatever you have got is enough for you.

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#13. Maintain Good Hygiene

Are you planning to turn heads today? No! But still, practice the habit of being hygienic all the time. Cleanliness and hygiene are extremely sexy, believe us. Create an essential routine of keeping good care of yourself as far as hygiene is concerned. If you take care of your hygiene, you will be in a healthy and hygienic state of mind as well which is essential to feel sexy.

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#14. Respect Yourself

Never underestimate your self-worth. Don’t ever degrade yourself thinking that you are not worth achieving something that you deserve. The self-worth and sexiness inside you are never determined by others. Respect your entire body, respect your heart and your mind. If someone is trying to let you down, show your powerful side. Carry your personality with confidence and sexiness will follow.

Rightly said, “Sexiness is not just the body, it is the state of mind”. Develop a sexy state of mind with following these tips, and you will realize the transformation after some time. Let us know how it worked for you and share your suggestions in the comments section below.

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