How to Flirt with a Girl?

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How to Flirt with a Girl?

Flirting is not at all easy as it sounds; one mistake and you can end up shooing away the girl that you have been crushing on for a while. Flirting is perhaps an art not mastered by many and most face failure in the subject.

There is a thin line between healthy flirting and being creepy that you do not want to cross. In case you believe that flirting is just about sexual innuendos, then you might want to reconsider your thought. If you have been wondering how you can indulge in a healthy session of flirting without coming off as weird, then you should read this article. 

Here are some tips that will help you woo the girl you like.

#1. Give Compliments, The Right Way

When you like a girl, you notice everything about her, from her hair and dress to her makeup. If there’s something that you find changed or new about her, do not hesitate to compliment her on it. Also, you do not want to be just another guy who complimented her for her new look, so try to make the praises a little personal and memorable, without crossing over the line to creepy. The best thing is that it works even when you are flirting with a girl over text.

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#2. Let Your Body Do The Talking

Do not believe anyone who says you can’t hack into your body language. In case you are a little hesitant to tell the girl that you are interested, then let your body show her that you are lured to her. Make eye contact, be casual and confident, and always remember to smile.

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#3. Make Her Laugh

Good sense of humor can come in handy, especially when having a conversation with a girl you like. Even if you are not a witty guy, remember to grin along with her so she knows she is having a good time with you. Remember to stay cheerful and positive, and always try to see the bright side of things.

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#4. Tease Your Way To Her Heart

While making her laugh is all well and good, you may want to push things from friendly banter to the dating field, you may want to throw in some teasing as well every once in a while. Do not hesitate from pulling her leg every now when she does something funny just do not embarrass her in front of others.

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#5. Do Not Come Off As Desperate

You never want to come off as a person who is trying too hard, even and especially when you are actually trying too hard. Never justify yourself to her or try to explain why you are better than other guys. Pretend like you are worth the chase and the girl will do all the work for you.

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#6. Spend Alone Time

You do not want to be just one of her friends who make her laugh. Also, flirting with her in a group of friends will not leave any lasting impression. Flirt with her when people are around but save your best compliments and humor when it’s just you two.

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#7. Get Touchy

Be bold but also courteous at the same time, and do not shy away from getting touchy. Whether you like her new earrings or the luster of her hair, the reason would suffice to get a little touchy. Also, every time you come in contact, just let your hands or fingers linger a bit more than usual.

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So, now that you know how to flirt with a girl in your high school or workplace, what are you waiting for? Just hit up the girl you have been crushing on. Tell us how you flirt with a girl with your comments in the section below.

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Posted by: Simran Posts: (4) Opinions: (12) Points: 510 Rank: 293

Flirting is an art and sadly for us girls, most men fall flat in the face when it comes to flirting. If you like a girl then you need to tell her and not bluntly as if you are announcing today’s weather and not even like a creep who stalks a girl just because he is crushing on her madly and doesn’t have any boundaries. There is a reason female like gentlemen because they know how to treat a female like a lady.

Let's start with eye contact, we females always know where your eyes are even though we might not verbally tell you about it. It was long established where the face on the body is and in case of a female's anatomy, it is not a few inches down the face. Look her in the eye, that in itself is a lot to get in her good books. A female loves attention and those who disagree are only lying or trying to be humble. Give her compliments but again draw a line, don’t go all Joey and try to ‘how you doin’ into her pants. Tell her how she looks all the prettier in this color or how she looks really pretty tied in a particular way. Make it special so she remembers it and thinks about the compliment. If she feels the same way for you she will make the effort to wear that color again and try the same hairdo. Be casual, no one likes a desperate man or a woman, be confident and give her your complete attention.

Another big positive is a sense of humor if you can make her laugh then you have halfway won her over. Though abstain from cracking crass jokes as they are just downright disrespectful and don’t make fun of others in front of her to make her laugh. That way you will just wrong your own image in front of her.So, have fun, tease her and make her laugh, who knows when she would reciprocate to your affection.

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