Flirting At Workplace: 10 Tricks To Keep It Harmless & Appropriate

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Flirting At Workplace: 10 Tricks To Keep It Harmless & Appropriate

Certain workplace ethics should be followed without having to invite any troubles. But what about the oh-so-smart co-worker you have your eyes on? Isn't money & performance first, romance later? Does that mean you cannot even get flirty without seeming unprofessional? 

Workplace flirting can definitely happen the positive and pleasurable way. You just need to pay attention to a few details. Let romance not be the focus of you two along with subtle interaction and tease being the essence. Have fun, keep it harmless, let it not affect your reputation and you'll be fine. This is how you can flirt the trouble free way.

#1. Hush-hush to that touch! 

You definitely have to not cross the line for keeping it simple, appropriate and non-creepy. Maintain a clarity that healthy flirting does not require you to touch someone at inappropriate places. A handshake, pat on the shoulder or maybe occasionally getting your arm across the waist can still be admitted. But ensure not making it a habit. Physicality doesn't let innocence remain!

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#2. Don't act on what you say

Making the act stay confined to work maintains a friendly environment. Not letting things go beyond invites lesser troubles. Therefore, never act upon the comments that you make while flirting with a colleague. For instance, if you speak about going out and having a good time together, it doesn't really mean that you actually need to do that. Stay clear of your intentions and not take the comments too seriously.

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#3. No inappropriate compliments

Be very obvious at complimenting the other person. Let this rule stick to things that are pretty visible and not intended for the less obvious ones. There shouldn't arise a situation where complementing gives the person a wrong impression of the whole act.

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#4. Adopt a particular manner - maybe joke around!

Flirting at workplace comes with certain Dos and Don'ts. Of course, you don't want to affect your performance or get into legal suits! Therefore, adopt a particular manner while flirting with your colleague. Maybe you can joke around and initiate the conversation. Remember school time where you cracked jokes about the person you actually liked! Let the workplace flirting seem exactly the same - light, innocent and harmless. After all who doesn't appreciate a good sense of humor!

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#5. Sensualism - A big no-no!

Once you trick the other person into thinking that way, you've crossed the line! This is where situations become inappropriate and it's almost impossible to stop involving towards that approach. Do not pass comments that relate to sexuality and refer to things that aren't supposed to subsist.

Of course, you can exude sexuality to make just anything flirtatious. But when such desires seep in, innocent flirting can reach an unacceptable level.

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#6. Get your body language right

Yes, body language says it all. Maintain a good posture every time. Keep in mind, at times, words cannot be as subtle as the signals your body shows. Without looking desperate, let off some signs that gather their attention and not make you look creepy. Let them know how much you fancy them but without disturbing their comfort!

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#7. Those fleeting sights

Exchange quick glances every now and then. Don't appear to be a stalker but appropriately notice them. If the other person seems interested, they'll also exchange sundry moments.

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#8. Be approachable yourself

Make sure to seem friendly and not look less interested. This way you increase your chances of being made friends with and initiate that flirtatious attitude. If the other person is interested, they'll walk up themselves.

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#9. Maintain an eye contact

This is the easiest one. Make an eye contact and get your message across. It's not only a safe way for you to flirt with your co-worker but also make the moments exciting as well as instinctive.

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#10. Smiles and winks - ultimate solution 

Produce the happiness curve (smile) whenever you see that person. It definitely helps catch their attention. You can also give back playful winks. It opens the door for innocent flirting without having to cross the line. Smile and wink, compliment and wink or invent your own way. It's really simple yet effective and doesn't make them think that you want to sweep them into a steamy romance!

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Opinions (2)

I don't think flirting with a coworker is unethical unless both the people are comfortable. To some extent it's right and of course, establishes excitement at work! But, everyone should understand where and when to draw the line!

Yes, It Establishes Excitement At Work

The thing is this is something that depends on the people getting involved in the healthy office flirting. It is not okay to those who never get a chance to participate in it and lead boring and miserable lives.

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